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Training Programs Olympic Triathlon Training Plan
Source: Mary Eggers
Here is a 16 week beginner Olympic Triathlon training plan. This plan is for the beginner multisport athlete who is in good health and can handle a beginning volume of 4:00 per week. Keep all... Read
Half Ironman Training Program
Source: Editor
Professional triathlete, Matt Lieto, has put together a Half Ironman training program for his fellow Trifuelers. This is a 20 week plan that includes several weeks of Base training. The plan is intended for intermediate... Read
Sprint Triathlon Training Program
Source: Trismarter.com
NYC Triathlon Consulting Services is excited to contribute the following training plan to trifuel.com readership. This training plan should serve as a rough guide for overall program structure and should not be considered as optimal... Read
Half Ironman Triathlon Training Program
Source: Brad Kearns
Successful performance in a long and challenging event like a half-ironman requires many months of diligent preparation off a substantial fitness base. Following is a general overview of a sensible training program that will lead... Read
36 Week Ironman Training Program
Source: Editor
The 36 week plan is broken down into four main groups of workouts; Orientation, Pre-Season, Competitive Season, and Taper Period. The program comes complete with an extensive FAQ, Weekly Schedule Outline, and Weekly/Daily Workout Sessions. Read
Triathlon Training Program for Beginners
Source: EnduranceCoach.com
The thought of getting ready for a short triathlon can be a daunting prospect for the average athlete. Brendon Downey explains some of the key points to ensure that individuals can get ready to... Read