Win a Trip to Kona this October

Xterra Wetsuits and Beginner Triathlete are offering an amazing chance to win a 5 day / 4 night trip to the 2014 IronmanTM World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, PLUS the choice of an amazing prize package from Xterra Wetsuits OR Xterra … Read Full Article



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What’s the Beet Deal?

Beets have become the “it” vegetable over the past few years as the primary ingredient in Nitric Oxide supplements. Beetroot (BR) juice provides nitrate which converts to nitrite then nitric oxide (NO). The effects on NO occur on a cellular … Read Full Article


BYOB: Master the Art of the Pull Buoy

The pull buoy—that funny little piece of foam you stick between your legs when swimming—is a common point of contention among triathletes. Have you ever been told that swimming with one is addictive and bad for your swim? I’ve heard this … Read Full Article

Race Report: Ironman Coeur D’Alene

It’s eight days since Ironman Coeur d’Alene, and things have slowed down enough for me to look back at the race with some perspective. We got back from the race Monday afternoon in time to bid farewell to some close friends who are moving … Read Full Article

Race checklist

Ironman Checklist

I'm reposting this checklist so it's easier to find. Originally uploaded to the forum by kona_expat. Click icon or text to download excel file. Ironman Checklists   In her words, I’ve been asked for this so many times, and well, … Read Full Article

Marathon Infographic

How Long is a Marathon

I'm a fan of infographics, seems most of us like the visual breakdown of facts. So, when the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon came up with one of their own, sharing a few details on food items, estimated calorie counts, and the amount of time you’d … Read Full Article

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