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Exercise Metabolic Testing: More Than Just Bragging Rights – Part 3

Let’s take a look at an example of how the EMT can be successfully utilized in a triathlon program:

Exercise Metabolic Testing: More Than Just Bragging Rights – Part 2

The EMT and VO2max test use similar equipment and test protocols, but the focus of the EMT is caloric utilization and specific physiological data points, rather than peak aerobic capacity. In fact, during an EMT, a test subject is only taken to approximately 85% of peak aerobic capacity, since higher exercise intensities do not yield much useful information acquired for the endurance athlete. But prior to the 85% intensity mark, several important variables are collected during the EMT, including:

Cross-Training For The Triathlon Off-Season

In some ways, we triathletes are like a hamster on a wheel. We finish a season of training and racing, then realize that we don’t really know how to do much more than stare at the bottom of a pool, spend hours in a bike saddle, or pound the pavement in our running shoes. We become accustomed and addicted to the wheels of swimming, cycling and running, and whenever physical activity beckons we begin turning those wheels.

Exercise Metabolic Testing: More Than Just Bragging Rights – Part 1

A triathlete’s “VO2max” number lends itself to strong leverage for bragging rights in the endurance sports arena. If you know this number, which defines your maximum aerobic capacity, you can talk trash while hanging at the pool edge, chatting in spin class warm-up, or stretching on the track. Conveniently, your true athletic superiority can be answered not by race results, lap splits, or age-group rankings, but instead by a simple number that easily defines aerobic dominance.

The Two Most Important Things That Aren’t On Your Triathlon Packing List

Everyone spends the last couple days leading up to their big race scrambling to make sure they have everything they need. From running shoes to nutrition, from sunscreen to reservation details, there are a lot of moving parts that go into making a successful race weekend.

But even the best checklist won’t include the two most important things you’ll need for your race: Patience and Discipline.

Six Done-For-You Triathlon Exercise Resources To Get A Killer Workout Without The Mental Strain

Complexity sucks.

It doesn't matter whether it's a diet plan or a workout plan...

The Triathlon Execution Magic of Riding Steady, Part 2: Training vs Racing

In Part 1 we introduced you to the concept of “riding steady.” In Part 2 we discuss the application of this to your triathlon training and racing.

Steady: Racing vs Training

Should Triathletes Use Spin Bikes?

Have you ever been in a spin class - or walked by the spin bikes at the gym - and wondered if triathletes should use spin bikes, or ifspin bikes give you as good (or better) a workout as riding your tri bike outdoors? You’re about to find out in this comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of spin bikes vs. regular bikes.

Spin Bikes Are Different

The Triathlon Execution Magic of Riding Steady, Part I: What is Steady?

As our members, training plan customers, and readers swap their training hats for their pointy racey-racey hats, leaving their trainers behind to test their fitness on the road in preparation for their races, we see a lot of discussion about riding steady, I can’t ride steady, OMG HTF am I supposed to ride hills like this, etc. So let’s talk about how we want you to ride your bikes in training and racing.

What is “riding steady?”

Ironman St. George: Danielle Kehoe's Bike Split Analysis

On Saturday, May 5, 2012, Trismarter triathlete, Danielle Kehoe toed the line at Ironman St. George. Much has been written about the 2012 edition of Ironman St.


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