Half Ironman Training Program

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Professional triathlete, Matt Lieto, has put together a Half Ironman training program for his fellow Trifuelers. This is a 20 week plan that includes several weeks of Base training. The plan is intended for intermediate athletes and ramps up to about a 15 hour week. Please honestly assess your fitness level and goals before beginning this program. It is structured based on his past experiences and strengths.

Consult our training articles for additional information that may assist in altering the plan to meet your needs, or contact a coach for a personalized plan.

Half Ironman Training Program

Professional Triathlete, Commentator, Writer, Coach Matt is a professional triathlete and has been racing for 10 years. He has a unique perspective on training and racing at a high level despite having had to lose over 80lbs on his journey to professional athletics. http://www.mattlieto.com.

Website: http://www.mattlieto.com/

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