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Mission Products- Skincare Specific to Athletes

I recently had the opportunity to try out some products from the MISSION Skincare line, a new company focusing on the specific skin care needs of athletes.

One thing that immediately impressed me about MISSION is the fact that they've been working closely with several athletes like Hunter Kemper to develop and tweak their products from the very beginning, rather than simply coming up with a finished product and then distributing it for feedback (if that). Doing this tells me MISSION is serious about meeting the needs of athletes, unlike many companies who simply hire big names to say they use XYZ sunscreen, hand lotion, drink mix, etc. The folks involved in making MISSION products are real athletes just like me...-er, well, except they're a whole lot faster. Here's my real athlete take on the products all the same:

Lip Protector SPF 20: "High performance vitamin and antioxidant-infused lip balm with UVA/UVB sun protection." I like that this lip protector doesn't cake after it's been on a while (and it does stay on a while). I've used several different kinds of lip protectors in the past that after a bit - if they haven't completely worn away - have become sticky and uncomfortable. This unit is also small enough to carry in a jersey pocket without taking up too much higher priority fuel space. There's also no flavor, which is a plus for me.

Daily Offense SPF 30: "The first sunscreen engineered with Anti-Sting technology so it will not sting in your eyes. High performance water and sweat resistant technology." This sunscreen most definitely does not sting if it sweats into your eyes. Very nice because I've used other brands that claim to not sting but do regardless. The stick is very light weight and seems to soak into the skin easily, leaving a non-greasy, soft feel behind. Because it's a stick it may not cover as generously as a cream without a bit more attention to application, but that might be a price I'd pay for the effectiveness, lightweight feel and fragrance free aspects of the product.

Revive Gel: "High performance moisterizer and post-sun exposure recovery product. Like an energy drink for your skin, Revive will replace the lost vitamins and minerals lost from sweating during activity and from long exposure to sunlight." Lightweight and also fragrance free, my favorite thing about this product is that you don't need to use a lot of it for adequate coverage. It also goes on smooth without feeling greasy, something I've found difficult for a lotion to pull off. Kudos there.

Anti-Friction Cream: "Ideal for skin to skin and clothing/gear to skin contact. Prevents chaffing and irritation while also conditioning your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. Concentrated formula will outlast all other lubricants up to 5x thus reducing the need for reapplication during activity." This is by far my favorite MISSION product. I love the powder feel of the texture as opposed to the lotion/greasy feel of other anti-friction creams I've used. Best of all it's somehow NOT cold when applying!

Foot Synergy Gel: "High performance foot conditioning and post-activity recovery gel. Cools and conditions while improving microcirculation to your feet to reduce swelling of your feet after activity." This is the only MISSION product I tried that wasn't fragrance free, so if you're sensitive to such things this is something to take into consideration. However, I really liked the product and though am not a big scent fan myself, didn't mind the aromatherapy-esqe smell at all.

All of these products are moderately priced for the amount per unit, and the fact that they last a decent while if used properly makes it very probable I'll buy the line again when my review samples run out. For more information about the products such as the history behind their creation, prices, exact quantity per unit and where to buy, please visit www.missionproduct.com.

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