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Best Bike Split

Just stumbled upon a tool/website- Best Bike Split- that, to quote its creator, "...is a web app that uses very detailed information about a race course, a cyclist’s equipment, power data, riding style, as well as race day conditions to develop the optimal power plan for an athlete to achieve the fastest possible time on a course while staying within target power ranges." (you can read the entire interview here: http://tinyurl.com/lyftqjt)

Recovery after serious injury

So back in April I was involved in a major car accident and have been recovering since. I just had my first real workout (bike 10 miles) since then! I'd like to hear from anyone with similar stories of recovery. What specific challenges did you have getting back into form?

Working Harder but Feeling Less Fit

I have been slowly building up my mileage over the past 3 months from running nine miles a week and not biking at all, to now running fifteen miles a week and biking forty-five. I have built in "cut-back" weeks every fourth week to help me maintain the progress. Each week has had at least one tempo run (usually 3 straight miles around 7:10 a mile) and most of the other miles have all been easy. I have been using a heart rate monitor to help make sure I keep easy days truly easy.

Heart Rate Training

My training over the past couple of years has really stagnated; my times were not improving, and virtually every effort ranged between difficult and miserable. Easy days did not feel easy. Easy and long runs were paced around 8 minutes/mile, but tempo runs could not get much below 7:30. I knew enough to understand that there should be a bigger discrepancy between those two paces, but could never seem to sort it out. So I pulled out the chest strap that came with my Garmin Forerunner and did some research about heart rate training.

Training Benchmarks

Hello, I have a question that I've been pondering and am wandering if anyone might have some insight. The question is: in training for a half-IM, are there any benchmarks or fitness tests one can perform that might give somewhat of an indication as to progress being made? In other words, can any tests give me an idea as to what I might be able to expect in race conditions?


Cramming for a 50-Mile Dec 1st (coming off injury) - Need advice

I am hoping to get some training advice from a coach or someone experienced with ultra training.

Goal: Be able to complete a 50-mile trail run December 1st, injury-free (North Face Endurance Challenge, SF)

Calf problem during run

I've been at this for almost two years. Lately I've been experiencing debilitating calf cramps when transitioning from bike to run. I suspect there's something off in my form on the ride, but I don't know what. Has anyone had this? What did you do to correct it?

Training with overtraining syndrome

Hi to all,

The Dangers of Triathlon...Otters

This has to top the list of things you don't expect.

Triathlete who overcame car crash and cancer to compete in grueling races is left needing rabies shots after being attacked by OTTER during practice in lake

When To Withdraw From a Race?

Hi Trifuel-ers,

I need help figuring something out that I'm sure some of you have had the unfortunate luck of experiencing.


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