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IMLP 2011

For those of you thinking ahead about IMLP for 2011, Rhode Island 70.3 2010 registration is open. This year there was a deal that allowed early registration to IMLP for the following year which was 2 weeks before anyone else could register. Of course there is no guarantee the same deal will apply but it's something to keep in mind.

Door County Half-Iron Registration for sale (July 19)

Door County Half Iron Registration (July 19) for sale for $125.00 (normally $160 + fees= $182). We had a change in plans. Registrations may be transferred between athletes up until June 30. Hurry!
Contact me directly atdsbatty@tds.net.

Door County Half Iron Registrations for sale

Two registrations for Door County Half Ironman Triathlon (July 19) for sale- we had a conflict come up! Registrations can be transferred to your name. Normal price $182.00; asking $125.00 each. Contact Deb at dsbatty@tds.net.

Online registration: IMFL

This Sunday I'll be making the daunty attempt to register for Ironman Florida through active.com. How tough is it really to succeed? If I'm at my computer with credit card in hand the second registration opens, is it still such a crap-shoot? Any strategic tips?

Thanks in advance.

Ironman Germany 2009 is open for registration


This year’s Ironman European Championship / Ironman Germany is still 10 days out but registration for this popular European Ironman event will open early for next year race.

Because of the tremendous demand during the past years and also to give those athletes who will leave for holidays after this year´s race a chance to register early.

Dang Expensive

Man, not sure why it's always a shock how expensive this stuff is... :) Just went through registration for Boise... $15+ processing fee? $10 USAT fee? man this stuff adds up fast. And why does Active charge the end user for processing? shouldn't that come out of the event directors pocket for using their system? Is it free for event directors but customers get charged for them to use it? Seems backwards. iTunes doesn't charge me close to 10% on top of an album cost, they take their cut from the entity making the profits.

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