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Places still available for the London Triathlon - register for your place by 24th June

KIDS has places available for this years London Triathlon, the largest triathlon in the world, take part and help raise vital funds for KIDS – the only charity that works across England with disabled children, young people and their families, irrespective of impairment.

A little backward...

Probably did this a little bit backward, but HI! I'm new to the forum here, posted a few times in other threads before my intro. Been doing tri for a handful of years, got a bunch of races under my belt, going for doing my first full ironman next summer. I like puppies long walks on the beach and lots and lots of beer. Glad to be here, read a lot of great advice already. Look forward to more!

2004 Felt F45, Like New, Need To Sell ASAP

I have a 2005, 56 cm Felt 45. My friend asked me to sell it and told me he would give half to the nonprofit organization that I work for. The bike was ridden 3 times. I know because I saw it ridden every time. It is spotless, it really might as well be new. I believe he purchased it for $1,800. I will take $900 (Negotiable) + shipping (from Denver) for it. Here are the details"

Tri-Suit Question

Hey guys,

I'm new to the whole Triathlon scene and was wondering what you all would recommend for men's one-piece Tri-suits. I'm racing in Louisville in August and plan on paying whatever it takes to go high end at that point, but for now, does anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive tri-suits just to train in? Thanks.


Me + a few questions

First of all, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I'm a freshman in college, formerly a member of the track team as a hurdler until I tore my hamstring in January, effectively ending my hurdling career. That, plus a combination of a few other problems led me to leave the team. I've always had an interest in triathlons (my ultimate goal, and I doubt I'm alone in this, being an ironman), so I decided to refocus myself and get back into training now that my leg's all healed up. So far I'm thoroughly enjoying it, even the swimming which is by far my weakest link.

Bike Computer / Heart Rate Monitor

Marathon to tri: if I don't drown this will be fun

Hey guys. I've been a runner for quite awhile and have run a couple marathons as well as a bunch of other shorter distances. My main question is, what is a good training plan to start with? I'm a good runner, decent cyclist, and slow swimmer. I am comfortable in the water, just slow.

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