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Run Training Questions/ Examples ("Am I doing this right?")

I'm going over my training data today and just wanted to get an overall consensus from some of you that are more experienced with running and long course tri's

I'm in the early/mid process of building to an Oct IM and I want to try to optimize my run training to increase speed/distance, but also to avoid injury.

Below are examples of some run distances and efforts.

Some background:

Endless Pools?

Hi; I have 3 questions [well, multi-part questions] related to Endless Pools:

1. Does anyone have an opinions/advice on Endless Pools, as it relates to using them for training? Good, bad, indifferent? What are the benefits?

HIM-Is it possible?

I am new to Triathlons. In fact I did my first 5k in August. I am training and planning on doing my first sprint in Feb 09. Am I crazy to shot for a HIM in November of 2009. I have been biking since April, running since August and swimming for about a month. I am starting with 2 pool swim sprints then a few open water swims and a olympic distance in August 2009. I am contemplating signing up for the Beach to battleship HIM in November. I have no endurance sport history but I am inclined to sign up for it, train for it, and just suffer through it.

Newbie in need of some serious advice/assistance/suggestions/etc!!

I am a 24 year old guy named Chris. I used to be very athletic. I played soccer and I was on swim team from age 4 to 18. I also played basketball, and I've always been a skiier, a wakeboarder, so I'd always had a number of things going to keep me in shape. I've never been the type to go workout, but nevertheless, always remained active.

Running Without Water.......Sabotage?

Question for the training gurus.....

I train 6-7 days a week. I try to get enough rest. I eat as healthy as possible. And I drink almost exclusively...water. (occasional sprite or mello yellow at lunch. maybe 1-2 a week.) Boss buys cases of water for the office to drink throughout the work day.

Marathon to tri: if I don't drown this will be fun

Hey guys. I've been a runner for quite awhile and have run a couple marathons as well as a bunch of other shorter distances. My main question is, what is a good training plan to start with? I'm a good runner, decent cyclist, and slow swimmer. I am comfortable in the water, just slow.

Training Plan

Training Schedule

Doing my second sprint-triathlon in August 2008-- did alright the first time around but have never had a formal training schedule. Advice on how to find a reliable one?

PS I posted another question last month and everyone was so helpful... What a great website; thanks for all your advice and support everyone!

Should I compete in the elite group?

I competed in my first triathlon (sprint, Danskin in Seattle) last August, and had a blast. I trained but had no formal schedule or anything like that-- to give you an idea, I competed on my younger brother's mountain bike. My goal was to have fun and finish. I ended up doing really well: I finished 7th in my age group, beating out a couple gals I knew who have been competitive runners for years.

bike/run/swim/ training balance

I'm looking for some confirmation/correction on my training schedule for a sprint triathon in mid-march. (400m/12miles/2.7miles) after about 7 years of doing nothing and gaining weight


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