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Butterfly Tri Gel


Designed for long, long distance riders and triathletes who put lots of saddle time in without taking breaks. The Butterfly Tri Gel has a layer of sculpted gel that is concentrated across the top and at the nose of the saddle, with additional inserts at the ischial tuberosites in the rear. This doesn't add much in terms of weight, but sure takes the edge off when you live on your saddle. The smooth leather cover is perforated to enhance breathability and reduce heat build-up. Wider in the rear than typical race saddles for good support of a woman's sit bones; completely cut away through the nose and mid-section, making it flexible and comfortable against soft tissues; lightweight, extremely strong, tubular vanox rails attach to the shell in an integral suspension bridge design that minimizes road shock (a great feature for those with lower back issues). Handmade in Italy.

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