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Simple, adjustable and works!

The only thing I use. From high school swiming till now in the lake. This is the one and only. $3.oo a pair you can't beat them. All colors and metallic tented as well so it helps with the sunny days. But, I never knew speedo made them.

been a staple in my swimming career for the last 13 years and counting. I wouldnt use anything else. The more you wear them the more comfortable they get. Mix and match the lenses to add an interesting topic for discussion at the starting line.

Used only this type since 1984 or so. Never leak! You can't beat the price.

Malmsten's the brand of Swedes you want, not Speedo.

I've used them forever, can't beat the comfort and they'll never leak.

The best goggle ever! Since the day I made the switch in high school when I had to borrow a pair I have never looked back.

anyone got a link?

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