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IRONMAN Triathlon Bodylink


Digital Display
Matte Resin Strap
INDIGLO® Night Light
Matte Case
Water Resistant to 100m

Heart Rate Monitor
Target zones
Average heart rate
Time in zone
Flour linked interval times
Recovery heart rate timer
%-of-max heart rate display
Max heart rate zone calculation

Speed & Distance
Altitude/Elevation Data
GPS-provided altitude with vertical speed
Finish time
Exact speeds
Exact pace
Exact distance
Continuous odometer
Hands free operation



Great system with accurate HR and GPS. Like any other GPS unit, it can take a min or two to sync, but nothing more than should be considered normal. Nice having the option to throw the GPS receiver in a jersey pocket, saddlebag, or pack on a hike, doesn't just have to be used for tri-specific stuff.

Overall a great setup, I wear the watch everyday as a regular watch and pick and chose which of the HR and GPS I want to add on any given workout.

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