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16 weeks enough for IM?

okay, I ve been an on/ off tri guy for many years, completed several halfs and one full (2005). Is 16 weeks enough and commit to full time training? I have been riding (2-3days/wk), running 3-4 days/ wk, and swimming 1-2 days per week for a the last 4 months or so. Any thoughts? Am I seting myself up for disappointment? Or is it enough if I go all in? If it matters...I'm a young 36 male, shooting for Vineman.

Thanks for your input.

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Do you have a must do time goal or a goal of just finish and live another day? My wife and I recently (March 3rd) did IM-New Zealand @ 11:54 and 13:16 respectively on exactly 13 weeks of indoor training. We ran a marathon in mid-October 2006, took six weeks off and began the 13 week program in December. We are 46 years and 55 years old, long time endurance types with 14 IMs each and 60 +/- marathons.
You have the experience. We did Vineman in 1998 and as I recall the course is friendly i.e. no huge hills save one short steep little
beauty in the middle and toward the end of the bike and the run is rather benign.
Don't put things off you really want to do, there is a finite number of heartbeats for us all and there is only one who knows that number and it ain't you and He ain't telling!

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