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More freaking money


check out this. I like being a member of USAT and it is still cheaper to be a member vs. the one day license but jeez when does it stop.. INcreased race fee, USAT license, gas prices to travel, hotel prices, gear, etc.... My bank account already sucks enough!

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the fee is justified... cause USAT does so much for us... :rolleyes:

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i guess i'm still new to this sport, being doing it 2 years. i've only had to buy a one day license for a USAT event once. i've been considering becoming a fully member for this season, but from what i see you honestly get very little for the money. (flame away as i am sure many of you will) i honestly don't have a problem paying for good races, i know there is a ton of stuff that goes into putting on a good race, so i can see paying for them. but of the few USAT sanctioned races i've done, i really don't see any difference that would make me want to pay their fees.

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I would expect an increase over the years...it's natural, it's expected. I was surprised at the almost 30% jump.

I used to justify it for the excess insurance from the USAT membership. I still would, if I could see more definate, "you will have coverage if you're injured and your primary doesn't cover it all."

This is what I see nowdays (my emphasis added), which is far different that what I remember it being.


[B]Athlete Excess Medical Policy[/B]

The athlete excess medical coverage protects each participant for the day of the event at USAT sanctioned races, camps and clinics.

When athletes purchase a USAT annual license or one day permit, a portion of those fees cover the cost to provide them with excess medical insurance. This coverage only extends to their participation in an USA Triathlon sanctioned event and is only available after the injured party has filed with any primary insurance policies. A deductible does apply for this excess coverage.

If an athlete is injured while participating in a USA Triathlon sanctioned event the following steps must be followed:

[*]1. Race Director completes an incident report form. The race director is obligated to report the incident to USA Triathlon. No medical claim can be filed with insurance until this report is completed. Download the form or email [email]sanction@usatriathlon.org[/email] for a copy of the form. The signed document should be returned to USAT immediately.

[*]2. Athletes must file with their primary healthcare provider. Athletes must first file through ALL health insurance companies that may cover their medical expenses (i.e. United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, traveler’s insurance, etc.)

[*]3. Athlete completes a medical claim form. For serious incidents or for athletes requesting coverage, either the race director or USAT can provide them with a medical claim form. The medical claim form along with all explanation of benefit documents should be sent directly to the insurance company as indicated on the claim form. Download the form or email [email]sanction@usatriathlon.org[/email] for a copy of the form.

[*]4. Athletes will pay a deductible. [B]All athletes using USA Triathlon insurance will pay anywhere from $250 (two-hundred and fifty U.S. dollars) to $1,000 (one thousand U.S. dollars) out of pocket and possibly more[/B] for uncovered expenses.

[*]5. Coverage limitations. Be advised that coverage may not apply to each and every claim. Additionally, coverage only extends to participants that have purchased an USA Triathlon annual license or one day permit and were injured through participation in an USA Triathlon sanctioned event.
Please email questions to [email]sanction@usatriathlon.org[/email] or call the group benefits department at ESIX at 1-800-342-4371 – Debbie Fazzone

Information about Athlete Excess Medical Coverage for Race Directors:

If an athlete is injured at a sanctioned event, please fill out an incident report form and fax it to the National Office at 719-597-2121 as soon as the event is done. You must complete the form provided by USAT; no other form is accepted by our insurance company. Please provide the athlete with a medical claim form. Both of these forms can be found on the race director’s dashboard, through the above links and on the CD included in the sanction approval box.

Please note that personal property loss is not included in USAT's policy. Race directors are strongly encouraged to obtain business loss coverage for this reason. Athlete members are encouraged to carry property loss coverage for sports equipment on their homeowners/renters policy for this reason as well.

USA Triathlon has a full-time risk management team available to answer any specific coverage questions. Athletes or race directors can call ESIX at 1-800-342-4371 to speak with Debbie Fazzone.

At the same time, it is only $9. Then again, all the little nickle and dimes add up.

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If you are going to do more than 3 USAT sanctioned races in a season than it pays to do a basic membership for $30, rather than doing the $9 each race.:D

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Now you have to do 4 or 5 races to make it worth it.

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It's an extra $9 dollars..... Drinnk water tomorrow on your long ride and you'll rocoup your costs right there.

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[QUOTE=Triguy98;56837] the fee is justified... cause USAT does so much for us... :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

yes they do , afterall they do stop all the drafting at races. :D

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this is inflation ... medical cost rising and a tight labor market. although the gov't says inflation is over heated but it should come down. HA HA. as if. with the looming recession. things may get cheaper. 1987 style.

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inflation on everything but my PAY!!! haha

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Funny how nobody bitches about dropping $5k on a bike...but a $39 license has us all up in arms.....

if you want to be thrifty, you can renew your license for up to 3 years out at this years rate of $30 if you do it by Jan. 1.

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Don't spend $5 on coffee at Starpucks...go to the WAWA and spend a dollar...in 9.75 cups you'll have made up the cost of the license.
Jeslol is soooo right.
Quit bitchin' about it...and anyway..when they tuck you in for the big dirt nap your pockets are empty.

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I canned mine last year when IM (WTC) separated themselves from USAT. Doing two or three USAT sanctioned halfs didn't cover the membership. Now, IM and USAT have mended the fallout, I suppose I'll get another card.

I would not be suprised if the dues continue to increase. The ever expanding popularity of the sport seems to be a chance to suck in more money.

When I spend serious coin on my bike I expect to get increased preformance, weight savings, more reliable components, or something of the like. Maybe this year they'll throw in an extra bumper sticker!

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