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Did you ever get sick right before an IM?


"A" event of the year coming up in a few days (Ironman), and BANG! You get sick for no reason.

It's my situation right now, that's pretty cool! :(
Fever, cold, falling asleep everywhere, not hungry at all (and can't eat without rejecting it), dizzy, my body is suffering from everywhere! Just like a bulldozer rolled over me...

Did you ever get that? If so, how did you manage to overcome it?
I still have a week before the race (it's saturday september 16th), but hey, it's pretty soon!

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Rest up and see a doctor. Get it out of your system.
With only 2 weeks left you can use the rest anyway.

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I often tend to get sick on my tapers, recovery weeks, or right after a race (or any other stressfull event - finals in college). I think its your body's way of letting down after having to hold it together through busy trainning or other events. Right now, you've trained all you need to train for your race and the purpose is to rest, so rest as much as you can and relax. Hopefully your body will take the cue and pull together for you.

Oh and Emergen-C can be helpful as well.
Luck to you!

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I know that's frustrating! I tend to get sick right after a longer-distance race. I think jmruns is right....your body is recovering from all of your hard training, and has finally caught up with you. You've really done all of the training, so rest and recover. I like Cold-Eeze...a homeopathic tx. You can find it anywhere from drug stores to Target. I have found that it decreases the duration of colds and sore throats. GOOD LUCK at IM!!!

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You probably got run down and picked up some run-of-the-mill flu like virus.
If you did, be careful when you get back on your feet. You can get dehydrated and get increased muscle tightness and fatigue from the fever. I once pulled a hamstring pretty bad while sprinting a few days after recovering from the flu.
If you run on trails, or spend time in the great outdoors, and Lyme disease is an issue in your area, you may want to get checked.
I know several runners who had similar symptoms and turned out to have been infected from a tick bite.

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Joined: Oct 28 2005
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Thanks for your encouragement! ;)

Yesterday night, I took a sleeping pill that I got under prescription from my family doctor...

Result :
I slept a whole 12 hours straight, and today it's a lot better! My head is still ready to explode as soon as I move too fast, and I still can't eat, but it's a lot better overall.

I'll look for "Emergen-C" and "Cold-Eeze" right after writing this reply.
--8 days before the big day!--

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I'd be concerned you might have a bacterial infection. If your doctor has ruled that out, all you need is rest. If you have a fever, you should NOT work out. PERIOD.

If you are still a little down on race day, you may just have to reset your expectations.

I did IM Brazil with a (unbeknownst to me) sinus infection. I was miserable all day, also my mom had died 4 weeks before, so I was physically and emotionally a wreck. Still had my 2nd best time. What did that tell me? I was really well-trained, and if I had been well I would have smoked it.

Unless you are paid to do this sport, don't worry about it. It will be what it will be, and we always learn something new every time we step on the start line.

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Ya often read here that this close to a race...there is nothing you can do to improve fitness and a bizillion things you can do to screw it up!
REST! SLEEP! Eat as soon as you are able... I suspect you'll be fine race day...maybe not 100% but "fine."
Many folks often get sick during taper and I feel it has something to do with being worn down as well as something to do with being nervous.
Just getting to the start line is a wicked cool accomplishment...Don't worry about race day...it will take care of itself.

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Yeah you're right.
I think I'm gonna take another sleeping pill 2 days before, to help me get more sleep.
I mean, the race is saturday, and I plan to take the pill on thursday night. Not friday night, though.

All that because I know that the thursday night is very important, even more than the night right before (cause anyway nobody really sleep that night).

Well, as you say Kona_expat, I'm just gonna reset my expectations.
Wanted a 10:30.
Now, a 10:35 would be fine :D

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Drink lots of fluids and sleep.
Bonne chance :d!

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Hey guys!
In my last post, I said that I'd reset my expectations due to my sickness 1 week before the race : 10:35 instead of 10:30...

Well! I did exactly 10:35 and 40 seconds!

Cheers! :D

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CONGRATS man! Looks like you had a great race despite your sickness before. Enjoy your victory :)

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