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To eat or not to eat before first workout in the morning? (aka Kenyan runners)

Some say it's better to workout first thing in the morning, to "teach" your muscles to work without glycogen, and then use fat as fuel.

Others say you should eat before, because if you don't, your body will be more tempted to retain fat from your postmeal in prevision of another "starvation" period (natural body prevention system).

After I read the article on Kenyans Riders posted by BBB, this question poped up in my mind. I always thought we had to eat first, but now I'm confused...

What do you think?

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I have to eat first thing in the morning before any workout.

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I'm trying out the Kenyan way. So no or very light breakfast (fruit) before morning workout, then bigger breakfast after. I think it'll work for running in the hour range, for rides I know I need a big breakfast before heading out for a few hours.

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Shorter workouts no breakfast prior.
Long bike or run then definitely breakfast first.

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