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Ironman Florida 2005 Race Report

It's a long one, so I'm just referencing what's in my blog

[URL=http://riverbrady.triathlonlife.com/post/race_reports/2005/11/09/ironman... Florida 2005 Race Report[/URL]

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Sweet. It sucked having the salt water I imagine. The running partner is the best. During mine I too had a girl that I ran with and it was good, cause we chatted up a storm and made it all go so much faster. All in all, good job. Congrats on the acheivement again.

Aren't we gluttins for punishment? "Oh, yes please, let me pay you over 500$ so I can punish myself to the point at which I need IV and can't walk." AND we call this fun!!!???? hehe

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Awesome write-up and big congratulations on your day! An inspiration for those of us who will be racing the IM for the first time in 2006.

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What a great day! Accomplished your primary goals!! Nice report.
Reading yours and others RR's makes me anticipate attempting my IM even more!

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Good read. My memory kind of sucks but I think I may have met you there. (Matt).

Just noticed it. It is a good story.

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We met at the dinner banquet with Scott.

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