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Hello from Montreal Canada

Hello from Montreal Canada!
It's the first time I post here, but I used to come here every now and then...
Now that I registered for an ironman in 2006, I told to myself that I should come here more often! :)

Hey Doug, welcome. Which Ironman did you sign up for?

Lots of IM in training here - Nice to have you join in.

I'll do the Ironman Montreal. Very flat course but a bit windy.
I wanted to try Lake Placid also, but it's already full :(

Hello Doug,

Completed the demi esprit this year. Montreal is indeed a safe place to race and the organisation was perfect even taking into account the rain we had.
Also there are plenty of swimming pools where one can train and they are open from early in the morning to late in the evening.

Whish I could live there.

Welcome Doug. :D

If you ever make it to the Greater Toronto Area and want to go for a long ride (or short one for that matter), send me a private message through here. :cool:

Welcome!!! I too am new here.........

Hey Troll,
Will you also be competing in Montreal next year?
If so, have your planned to do the half or the full?

I'm glad that we can attract people from Netherlands to compete over here! ;)
In addition, I didn't realized that we were lucky for the opening hours of ours pools... I thought it was somewhat like this everywhere!

I hope to be able to race again there next year.
Given my hectic work schedule, training for an Ironman distance is unrealistic, thus I will stick to the 1/2IM one.
Competing ? Well some 6H44 to complete an 1/2IM are definitively not competitive, this is also a good reason not to try to aim for the Ironman ;)

Bah! We are all doing this for fun... :D
Tell me if you come race in Montreal, I'll go cheer you up!

Montreal Doug- Esprit is a fun race. Done the IM 3 times but not for 6 years. Did the Canadian IM distance in Ottawa this past September. That is a good race too. Come down to the Vermont Sun
1/2 IM August 28,2006. It is 3 weeks from Esprit and will give you an idea of your fitness level.
Lots of folks from Quebec come down to the Vt Sun races.

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