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1st tri lots of ?'s

I am going to do my 1st tri in July. I've been training since Feb. What is a good breakfast for that morning? What should I wear? How does the transition work? What's the best way to train for the transition? I get side aches, how can I make sure I don't get one the day of the race? So many ?'s Any advice on the swimming leg, starting, not drowning, training, keeping a good pace? :confused:

First, your side stitches. Theres another thread about this floating around, but MY experience is that it usually hydration related. Too little, usually. Or too much too close to start time.

My fav. race day breakfast is bagels (cinnamon and raisin! yum!) w/o and toppings (butter, jelly, cream cheese), bananna, orange juice, small protein shake. Then a cliff bar 45 minutes before race start.

Get yourself some tri shorts. I personally have a pair of pearl izumis and love em, however , there are many good shorts out there. Check the race rules. Some races require jerseys. If you plan on wear a shirt, make sure its either tri specific or a thin running jersey. Cycle jerseys SUCK for running.

Transitions... practice em. T1 isnt that difficult. Just practice to determine the fastest set up so you can get your gear on and going. And practice cyclo cross mounts and dismounts: [url]http://www.lwcoaching.com/library/cyclocrossmountdismount.htm[/url]
T2: brick, brick, and more brick. I do at least one a week. Get yourself some elastic laces if you dont have em. They are great and get you outta t2 very fast.

K, great info I really appriciate it, with out sounding stupid what is a brick?I know that each tri is probably different but with your experience how are the transitions areas set up? Where do we leave bikes?b4 t1 and at t2?

Brick= Bike/run. Ride your bike for 45min- hour. Have your running stuff ready so when ya finish riding, you switch right into run... just like in a race.

Most sprints have one transition area for both T1 and T2. Check the websites for the races your register for and most will have that information, along with a course map.

Thanks, I've done that a few times and wow do my legs feel weird. I almost have to tell them right, left, right, left. I did get the race route and have driven it, but yet to go and actually bike and run it, still to cold to swim yet. I have been swimming in a pool 2 times a week. Like I said b4, the transitions and swimming are my biggest concerns.I still have 2 months to train so I'll just keep going and keep at it.

Keep up with the swimming and youll be fine. I did my first race on two months of overall swim training. Wasnt bad at all. And practice your transitions. Down to the gear placement and order of putting them on.

Thanks again for the info, it's already made me feel more confident in myself and being able to finish the race, I'm not out to win this one, just finish. I really needed to talk to someone who has done a triathlon b4. It's been heavy on my mind all the questions that I had. I'm sure I'll have more. How many events have you done? I'm also concerned about the heat, the race is in july. I'm in Minnesota and the humidity can be awful. I've been taking advantage of the spring weather and training. But I don't have control over the weather the day of the race, so having a clear mind, body and spirit is going to have to help me through the heat. have a good one!

I've actually only ran two tris, both sprints. I just decided to start doing them in August of last year. I was a runner in high school, rowed a little in college, used to have a road bike, and am an avid mountain biker. I've raced in some different situations, and L O V E racing. Training lets me do better in racing is the way i look at it. I love my time on the bike and running intervals, but everything else just fills in the months between the races.

And dont talk to ME about humidity! ;) Come down here in August and race, and you'll understand.

Oh I bet I never thought about that humidity in Florida. YUK!!!! The only thing I can think of for beating the heat for the race is that I need to keep telling myself that I've worked too hard and too long to give up because of the weather. It's only one day and then home to the central air that I love sooooo much.
I understand the love of the racing and more so the personal goal of finishing. I just quit smoking a year ago May 28th, I've always been athletic and active, well as much as you can be when your a smoker. My main goal when I quit was to run again. I ran track in high school. I'm amazed at how I feel and how much I love to push myself for fitness and health. I'm also racing in this tri as a fundraiser for the ALS association. A family member was diagnosed in Feb so I organized a team to raise money and awarness for ALS. So I also have that motivation going for me to finish the race. Hey thanks for the chat and we'll keep in touch. I really can't tell you how much this info has helped me, I feel like going to run, but time doesn't permit right now. take care and chat later.

Hey, youre in MN?? I just moved up here too.. Where are you? Im up in Bemidji

ps. what race are you doing? I am looking to do some here in the state as well

Cool, I'm near St.Cloud. The race (tri) is called the Graniteman Triathlon. It's July 10th at Pleasant Lake in Rockville, MN just a few minutes west of St.Cloud. It's swim 1/3 mile, bike15 miles and run a 5k. Go for it!!!!

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