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Zipps as carry on luggage?

I have a set of Zipp wheels and am considering buying the Zipp wheel bag and hoping I can carry it onto the airplane. Has anybody done this - do they allow you to carry something that large onto the plane - and where would they store it?

If you haven't carried them on, what do you do with them? I want to take both my sets of wheels (my Eastons as my training wheels and the Zipps) so I can get out on the race course (IM Florida!) on the Eastons and save the Zipps for the race. I'm not sure if both of my wheel sets will fit in my bike box that I'm checking on the plane.

Thanks for your suggestions and input.


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They won't let you. I put mine in a wheel case. Never had any trouble....those things are meant to be able to withstand airline soccer teams. I put my training wheels in my bike box with some clothes. More clothes in the wheels box. More clothes in the carry-on. :D

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Most airlines have a cage at the airport where you are supposed to be able to fit a carry-on bag. If the bag is bigger than the cage and doesn't fit inside, you have to check it in.

Also, if any item cannot fit through the X-ray machine, it is not allowed on board and you have to check it in. They often put a shield with a rectangular hole on the converyor belt that restricts the dimension of the item that can go through the X-ray machine.

I would not check in a set of Zipps in a cloth bag - I'd opt for a rigid package that can widsthand the weight of a few full suitcases being thrown onto it.

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[quote=The Travel Insider]"Although your carry on item might be within the size guidelines issued by the airline, that does not guarantee it will fit under the seat in front of you! It seems that the space under the seat in front of you is getting smaller and smaller, .." [/quote]

[url=http://www.thetravelinsider.info/travelaccessories/airlinecarryonluggage... Carry-on Luggage Dimensions[/url]

In a word - <45" or, total of LxWxH must be less than 45"

so wheels wouldn't make it - 27"x27"x3", say.


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And I have to say, even if they do let you on and being as I do tri's I would still be irked as another plane rider if they did. I usually always carry on my one and only bag that is carry on legal. One of my biggest pet peeves is people bringing on stuff that is too large. My carry on fits straight in to the luggage compartment (and its soft sided). I hate getting to my seat and having MY overhead space taken by someone who feels they can put a larger bag sideways in or some random oversized item.

Enough from me :) Check the wheels in a hard case pretty please :D

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ok, i'm checking them in a box.......that's why I asked, just wanted to make sure before I got to the airport...thanks for the help! I didn't mean to get anyone riled up :)

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