Premier Multisport and Triathlon Focused Training Center Now Open in Austin, Texas

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Features Olympian and Professional Triathlete staff, state-of-the-art training equipment and a science- based training plan and coaching partnership with TriDot®

(Austin, Texas) Austin has long been one of the premier cities for triathlon and it is now officially home to its own purpose-built multisport training center. Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy (AASA) opened in early January and features 5-acres of land complete with an outdoor Olympic- sized 20-lane, 25-yard x 50-meter Myrtha pool, 5,500+ sq foot indoor training facility, outdoor training spaces, top-of-the-line training equipment and an onsite running loop. It is also located along one of the most popular outdoor cycling routes in the city.

Austin-based Owners, Kevin and Patti Thompson, built the $6.5 million dollar facility to give back to the community and provide a high-caliber of personal coaching for athletes of all levels. “Our goal,” says Kevin Thompson, “is to support Austin athletes in becoming the best version of themselves by providing the best facility, coaching and resources for them to pursue their passion and realize their potential.”

To that end, AASA has invested in top-of-the-line equipment such as Wahoo Kickr trainers, Wattbikes and a Vasa Ergometer, and a world-class class coaching staff designed to inspire, motivate and elevate athletes to a new level and understanding of training.

Six-time Olympic medalist, Brendan Hansen was named Head Swim Coach/GM Aquatics and professional triathlete, Natasha Van der Merwe, was recently named Director of Triathlon. Together, with a coaching roster that includes former Olympian Nate O’Brien and additional USAT certified coaches, Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy promises to change the way their athletes train forever with safe, efficient and highly effective on-site training sessions.

“We want to give our athletes an individualized experience through a tailor-made workout regimen that enables them to develop and achieve goals they never thought possible,” said Coach Hansen. “Having been on Olympic teams, I know the importance of creating an atmosphere that is both challenging and encouraging. We want our athletes to know each other’s goals, be a part of each other’s successes, and build relationships that will last for years to come.”

In line with this high level of customization and individualized approach, AASA has teamed up with Dallas-based Predictive Fitness, LLC to offer their TriDot® Triathlon Training Service. TriDot uses predictive analytics designed with patent-pending algorithms to analyze several inputs, including physical factors and athletic assessments of each athlete. This information is combined with metrics from TriDot’s proprietary database of actual triathlete training data and results which have been collected since 2004.

The final product of this science-based process is a highly personalized and optimized training plan that delivers maximum performance results per training hour invested. In combination with this, Coach Van der Merwe delivers monthly benchmark assessments to each athlete that will determine individualized training paces, heart rate and even power output.

TriDot Founder and CEO Jeff Booher stated, “One of TriDot’s goals is to partner with quality facilities and brands which realize the important role science and analytics play in sports today, especially endurance sports like triathlon. This partnership will enable triathletes in Austin to experience the unique combination and performance benefits of TriDot’s highly personalized approach to triathlon training and AASA’s outstanding facility, training equipment and coaching staff. It’s a partnership unlike any we’ve seen across the country.”

Interested athletes can select from a comprehensive menu of programming that includes:

• Three different triathlon packages (based on number of workouts per week and level of


• Five weekly cycling workouts (including group long rides)

• Five weekly running workouts (including group long run)

• Five daily strength/conditioning classes

• Eleven coached masters swim workouts

Members also have access to upcoming camps and clinics that will include:

• Open Water Swim Clinics

• Beginner Q&A

• Creating a Winning Race Mindset

• Gait Analysis and Bike Fit Day

The training center will also produce splash-n-dash events, mock triathlons and multi-day camps for both members and non-members.

“This is the type of training facility that both athletes and coaches dream about,” says Coach Van Der Merwe. “Athletes have daily access to expert coaches and beginner athletes get to train side-by-side with elites. It’s highly motivating and inspiring for everyone.”

About Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy:
Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy is an Austin, Texas-based multisport training center with emphasis in swimming, triathlon and athletic conditioning. Athletes receive a personalized and professional training experience with individual goal-setting, small group training, state-of-the-art equipment and a nationally recognized coaching staff. AASA is a one-stop training destination from the aspiring to the elite athlete.

About TriDot:
TriDot is a triathlon training service of Predictive Fitness, LLC, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based health and fitness company which uses predictive analytics to build highly personalized training programs in endurance sports. The company’s patents-pending, science-based approach takes the guesswork out of triathlon training and racing. TriDot uses advanced algorithms to analyze an athlete’s physical factors and athletic assessments in concert with actual athlete training data and performance results collected since 2004. The result is a highly personalized and optimized training program specifically designed for each athlete that delivers maximum results per training hour invested.

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