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Terra Castro Top Ten at Buffalo Springs 70.3

Terra Castro Finishes in 8th Place at Buffalo Springs Half Ironman, 12 Minutes Faster Than 2007

Colorado Springs, CO: July 2, 2008
I am sitting here at my desk listening to the rain and reading a great race report from Terra Castro, our triathlon teammate. It hasn't rained in Colorado Springs for weeks and the cooler weather is a nice change from the 90 degree heat we've had all week. While the mountain bike team was busy in Park City, UT, our three sport wonder, Terra Castro, was terrorizing the women in Lubbock, Texas at the Buffalo Springs 70.3. Here's what she had to say about her race.

"Progress comes from committing to change. What is it about change that makes us so scared? Why do we insist on hitting our head against the wall over and over? Instead, we could so easily could step back, take in a few breaths while finding solutions, and move forward with change. After Ironman Arizona in April, I decided to scale that darn wall of road blocks and commit to the change.

The last 8 weeks I have been working with a new coach, Dan Smith from Lifesport, and though it has been up and down because we all know change can be hard, I have already seen huge progress. The key was that I had to take ownership and jump into the driver's seat down the road of performance.

I toed the line this past Sunday, in West Texas (Lubbock), ready to give this new journey a "GO". End result: 8th place with a 12 minute improvement from last year; 30 second improvement in the swim, 5 minutes on the bike, and 6 minutes on the run

The Top 5 things an evolving LUNA Pro Team triathlete can learn while racing:
1) The weather is what it is. Accept the conditions and move on. Normally it is in the 80-90F on race day. Sunday was 65F, RAINY, 15-20mph winds with 40mph gusts. Every racer faces the same conditions. Put your head down and go to work, forget about the rest.
2) Double Expresso Clif Shots: These beautiful silver packets can give you the extra kick in the pants that any athlete needs!
3) Bringing your friends and loved ones to the event allows your spirits to stay calm and peaceful throughout the race weekend. The ability to know no matter what place you finish, what splits you achieve, what happens race day, you are still loved, you still have the support crew that believes in you no matter what.
4) Follow the leader. The swim start was completely random, with no count down. This led to complete chaos. The top guys started running along the shoreline for 300m so we all followed. The swim start became a sprint running race along muddy reeds and rocks. I thought I might lose my breakfast, but I was able to grab those feet and hang on for dear life. A new swim PR. In the end, let those crazy Aussie men lead, and follow the leader.
5) Committing to change brings about progress. Push forward, grab a tight hold of your goals, and blast through those barriers of limitation. You will see progress on the other side.

What's next: Vineman 70.3 on July 20th with teammates Tyler Stewart and Cathy Chesky, and Ironman Wisconsin on Sept 7th with my "honorary" teammate- MY MOM!

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