What’s the deal with my Heart Rate?

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    Two weeks ago what started out I thought as allergies turned into a full fledge cold in both my head and chest. The first week was all in my head so I took a 3 days off then ran and biked over the weekend. I had read that working out with a cold is OK as long as the symptoms were above the neck. The second week the damn thing took hold in y chest and I was down and out from Weds-Sun, but never had a fever. So after taking another 9 whole days off I ran on Thurs, biked on Friday, and then yesterday ran a 10K race I had committed to with my daughter and her boyfriend. BTW, I’m 50 years old, and training for White Lake Half Iron which is in 4 weeks, and my training has been going well up until now.

    So here’s the deal… my run Thursday, I just trying to get back into it after being sick, was on a route I run often and my HR was much higher than normal at a much reduced pace. Usually average low 140’s at 8:30 pace, and avg 151 at 9:06 pace. On Friday I did a 28 mile bike ride again not trying to force the pace. I average 18.4 mph with an avg HR of 161 which was a ton higher than normal. A couple weeks ago I rode 50 miles at the same average speed with an avg HR of 134. Then yesterday I ran the 10K race at 7:49 pace and my avg HR was 167, again much higher than I have ever recorded. In fact my max HR was 186. I’ve been tested twice in a lab environment and my max HR was tested to be 178.

    Any thoughts on what’s going on? Did my illness mess with my HR? Am I trying to do too much too fast? I’ve even considered that my HRM is throwing out bogus numbers. I’ve been using a HRM for 3 years and have never experienced this before.

    Thanks for your comments, Ace

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    Yes, your sickness, time off, and maybe still being sick/repairing is why you HR was/is high. You should see things “normalize” within the next few days/a week (if you truly are better).

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    I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in the max numbers unless it held on to that number for a few minutes. For 4 years my max HR on the bike was 180. Now it recorded over 200 in 3 different rides. Each ride it was a steep peak to get there, then it came back down, which tell me the HR monitor screwed up.

    As for the avg HR being higher, being sick, change in temp outside (warmer now), and not sleeping as well (due to being sick) can all make that go up.

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    While you may feel better enough to run, your system may still be suffering the effects of being ill. +1 to VJ…you made need some more time to recover.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Long bike ride yesterday and things appear to be a bit more normal.

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    Yes, illness does affect HR and also, overtraining can cause your immune system to crash. You have to be careful how you manage these things. You might be ok as long as you watch the intensity. Just keep an eye on it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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