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    I completed my first OLY in 3 years (second ever) this past weekend. The event was held in downtown Indianapolis.

    The Swim

    We swam in a canal that runs through the downtown area. They started us off in a TT fashion. We walked/ran down a small ramp to catch our start time and then jump/dove to start swimming. I figured this would be very similar to a pool swim as the canal is only 4 feet deep and about 40 feet wide. It was pretty much a straight shot to the transition area 1500 meters away, not an out and back. The comparison to a pool stopped there. I could barely see my hand in front of me as I swam. It was my first open water swim (if you can call it an open water swim) since my first tri so I was a little nervous at first. After about 5 minutes I got into my rhythm and I felt good. Because of the TT start, and the fact that it was a relatively small event, I didn’t have any trouble swimming into anyone. Total time 27:43

    T1 – I came out of the water feeling good and ran to my bike and left the rack running. I thought I had a great time (2:19) until I saw everyone else’s results. Oh well.

    The Bike:

    They changed the course last week due to construction so instead of a 25 mile route it was only 23. (Is there an offical distance that the olympic’s must be?) The roads were THE WORST I have ridden on. Bumps, holes, cracks, rail road tracks, it had it all. I saw no less than a dozen water bottles that had fallen off other bikes. I was so thankful I didn’t get a flat, as my race would have been over. (I still have never changed a flat and didn’t want my first time to be during a race). As you can imagine, its VERY flat terrian in Indiana, so I was surprised that there was a a long downhill section of the course. Keep in mind where my “long downhill” point of view is coming from, so I’m sure it wasn’t that big of a deal, especially since I never really noticed the resulting uphill that usually follows a downhill. Part of the course was next to the Zoo, I thought it was funny when I looked over and saw two elephants walking trunk & tail style from their home to the fields. Unfortunately on a more serious note, I passed a rider that had fallen and was being put on a strecher. It was bad. I later learned that a van had hit him trying to turn into a Burger King. I hope that guy gets sued!! I don’t know what he was thinking, we had an entire lane blocked with cones….I just don’t understand the minds of idiots. Total time 1hr 13 min 12 sec.

    T2 – Racked my bike, changed shoes, as well as changed my shirt. I know, I know, I can swim and bike in a tight as hell tri top, but I’m just not as comfortable running with my gut hanging out there. Maybe once I loss 20 lbs I’ll feel better about it. Total time 2:03

    The Run

    Leaving the bike I felt good. I have done several bike to run bricks in my training so I wasn’t to worried about it. I took the advice I found here and just took out the first mile slow, and picked it up from there once I felt comfortable. It was a two loop course along the river. The sun was behind clouds most of the run, so it didn’t get to hot. Total time 51:19

    My overall time was 2hr 36 min 39 seconds. My goal was to go under 2hr 45 min. I figured even if the bike was 25miles instead of 23 I would have beat 2hr45. So I was extremely happy with my result. I was 10 times more prepared for this event than when I did my first one. I beat my time by more than 30 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever been as faithful with my training than I am right now and it really showed.

    It was a great OLY race, but my capstone for this year is in 3 weeks when my wife and I are doing a HIM.

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    Well done, Panda! And best wishes for three weeks from now – will we get a joint RR when it’s over?!

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    Congrats on getting back to the oly distance! Races with spouses are awesome, so have fun at the half!

    Oh, and an Olympic distance tri is a very specific distance: 1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run. Sprints are the distance that aren’t really set numbers for each leg.

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