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    Does anyone have any basic advice to beginner triathletes on how to balance training with work, family and other priorities?

    I truthfully do not have as much more than an hour a night to train. I don’t ever want to win a race. I just want to compete and feel good afterwards. I realize that for a month or so before a race I may need to step up to longer workouts but I can’t do that consistently. Is this an unrealistic goal?

    Also, Can anyone with experience reccomend a free online training program for the olympic distance?

    Also, how should I train in between events? When I’m not on a specific program? Is there a general concensus like 2 of each sport a week and a weight lift?

    Remember, I’m not trying to win any medals. Just have fun and feel good about it.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Keep it simple. If you can try to have saturday and sunday available for longer runs and rides. Try to include thew family as much as possible ( take them to the pool/beach etc) Have your kids ride their bikes while you run.

    You could structure a week something like this:

    M: 30-45min swim
    T: 30-60 min run
    W: 30-60min ride
    Thur: 30-60 min run or swim
    Fri: off
    Sat: 45-90min bike
    Sun: 45-90 min run

    Keep in mind that depending on your fitness level you will be building up to the longer runs/rides etc. Get up an hour earlier to accomodate the longer rides/runs.. When training for IMC i made a deal wiht my wife that I would be complete all long rides/runs by noon on weekends ( some had to start at 5:30am).

    There are a few good books with plans and, etc ahve plans as well. Search this site as well.

    good luck!

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    Get up at 5am and do your thing! No one interrupts you and you feel energized to start your day! Plus, you can keep evenings free for happy hour, kid play time or whatever…!

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    Thanks for the advice.


    I’m in a bit of a tight spot with regards to the morning workout b/c I have to be at work by 6:15 and the section of Honduras I live in is not that safe for morning jogs but I’m still motivated somehow by your posts so I’m going to give it a try tomorrow morning and I’ll let you know.

    thanks for the time management advice and workout outline. I really like the idea of longer workouts on the weekends. I’m going to give something like that a try. There goes my sleep-ins ;)

    my swim is by far my best event. Should I train the other events harder?

    also, what about weight lifting? Is it necessary?

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    others can tell you better than I, but what I understand is that in triathlon you stand to gain more by performing well in run first, bike second, and swim last. The swim is shortest and so it offers less distance over which to fall behind. Also, you’re more fatigued in the bike and run (especially!), so being better prepared for those events will put more benefit into your total time. unlike most, you’re better off by starting as a strong swimmer.

    in the shorter distance tris, of course, each leg matters more individually than the longer distance tris.

    just put your time in and you will succeed, early morning or not…good luck!

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    D cutler…

    there are many, many threads on weight training… (some people swear by it, some think it’s the devil incarnate)

    decide for yourself.. but one thing is for sure… build up your distances (in the 3 events) and your body will build the muscle where it needs it…

    good luck..

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    Participant has a lot of free training schedules. They have from sprint on up. I’m using the 16 week, 2x one for my olympic training schedule.

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