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    How much difference can a better set of tires really make?

    When do you feel the difference?(ie corners, breaking, climbs…)

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    Great Greyhound

    Lots of difference, when I upgraded to the Michelin Pro Race II’s, I felt much more confident ( safer ) in the corners. Also, the wear much slower than the cheaper tires.

    Also, depending on the tires, they maybe more supple, giving a smoother ride, and a lower rolling resistance.

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    I upgraded to Michelin Ironman tires and I have gotten far fewer flat tires since the upgrade. I also noticed that the ride was a little smoother.

    Plus, if you shop around you can usually find tires on sale. I noticed that Bike Nashbar has Michelin Pro Race tires on sale for 50% right now.

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    also check on Ebay for Michelin Pro Race tires
    there are a couple sellers that sell them in pairs
    both the ironman and regular pro race; they are about 50 bucks for a pair
    where they are usually 50 bucks per tire
    even at nashbar (which only has violet color) they are around 34 per tire

    plus Michelin has a great customer service center and if you get a bad tire send it in to them and they will send you a brand new one pretty quickly

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    My bike’s handling improved dramatically when I switched to new tires. The OE tires were wire bead, heavy, ugly things. New kevlar bead tires roll smoother, corner better, everything. Very good bang for your buck upgrade. Unless you bike comes speced with some rockin tires, I’d consider switching out before ya head out the door.

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    you can never skimp on tires…..get the best you can afford as it will improve the ride of your bike and the confidence that you have on the bike in terms of handling etc etc. Plus the knowledge of knowing that you aren’t going to be having to repair flats very often is great. I agree that looking on ebay is a great option to get deals on tires but that is at the expense of your LBS.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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