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    Hello Everybody,

    I was wondering if there were other Trifuel members whose profession is teaching? Specifically, younger children who carry around many germs. For the past 4 months my training has been plagued by colds, flu, etc. I am not over training, in fact being sick so much I am doing about 25% of my volume from this time last year.

    I have tried preemptive measures, like getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, and making sure to use hand sanitizer through out the day. Yet haven’t seen any improvement. Anybody teachers with similar experiences of constantly getting sick while training with advice on avoiding catching all those bugs would be most appreciative.

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    I am not a teacher, but I returned to the classroom 3 semesters ago after a long hiatus. I discovered I was allergic to people… well sort of. I normally work by my self and have limited contact with larger groups of people in confined areas (most of my work is outdoors) for extended periods of time. Most of my cold- like symptoms turned out to be allergies. Left untreated the symptoms persisted for long periods of time with no real sign of relief because of daily exposure to the same environments triggering the allergies. Feeling run down became “normal”. A few months ago a doctor recommended a good OTC allergy medication for daily use and taking a decongestant at night to help breath better/ sleep better through the night. These things made a big difference literally overnight. I hope this helps.

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    Just started student teaching today actually (4th grade room) and have interned in first grade as well. Being in the classroom and noticing most the students not covering their mouths when sneezing/coughing drives me nuts!!! haha and i can just feel my body taking in germs. Anyways, I use lots of hand sanitizer as well and try to avoid touching my eyes, nose, mouth with my hands as much as possible. But some sicknesses are airborne and their is nothing you can do about it. Maybe take vitamin C supplements if you don’t already.

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    Oddly I found that while I was an instructor (martial arts with kids) I got sick less often. Now I seem to get sick whenever a coworker has a sick kid and my immune system doesn’t seem as strong as it was when it was constantly fighting off the little kid snot germs.

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    I just have 2 kids so whatever they bring home I get a little dose of it. ;-)

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    I teach grades K-6 and found the first few years I taught, I was sick 5-6 times a year. Now in my eighth year, I see a bit less of it. I use echinacea and ester C, watch my sleep and nutrition, use alot of sanitizer and handiwipes (for the nose miners) and just hope for the best. I have also been known to send home letters in flu season reminding people that if their child is getting ill, they are likely contagious so keep em home and spare us all their bug! You will eventually get immune to the bulk of their germs. My trophy illness was the Norwalk Virus last october…lovely expereince! It lasted 7 days, lost 7 pounds. The only thing I could stomach were the cheap cake donuts from the grocery store. Good thing to eat so you have something to throw up an hour later!

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    I am teacher as well, but I deal with middle school students specifically. Most of them have learned to cover their mouths, but no matter where you go schools are havens for germs. I am new to triathlete training, but was still playing sports in college while student teaching, so I can empathize. If you haven’t already, buy airborne and take it at the slightest hint of ailment. Also I haven’t tried this, but if you have access to a sauna that can be a great way to cleanse your system. Sounds cliche, but I have heard it works. Hope you find what works best for you.

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    I taught before I had kids, and I am now subbing for a teacher on maternity leave. I have a HUGE sams size bottle of purell on my desk. Those kids are forever sticking stuff in their mouths and sneezing and wiping their noses with their hand. blegh! I just see the germs all over. I don’t know how much the Purell actually protects, maybe it’s psycological, but if I didn’t use it, I would probably get sick more often.

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    I taught elementary school for 9 years and have been teaching 8th grade for 7 years. I believe I am immune to most common cold germs. When I feel a little scratchiness or stuffiness I take echinacea and it seems to kill it. I haven’t had a bad cold in a few years. When I do get them it seems to be in late May or early June. Strange. My wife is an elementary school teacher and she has one form of cold or another most of the winter.

    All it takes is one kid with the flu to screw everything up. Then you just cross your fingers and hope it missed you.

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    Ok been teaching 5 years, sounds like 7-8 years is the time required for the ultimate immune system. 2-3 years left go.

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    Im not a teacher but selling cars I see people alll the time fighting off colds and what not, not to mention being out in the snow, ice and cold. My preventative measure (outside of my Vitamin C) includes a vitamin my gf turned me on to. Its a Tri-Beta Mushroom, immune support. ‘NOW’ brand and the bottle is orange and purple with ‘Beta – 1,3/1,6 – D – Glucan on the label. I have had one little three day sniffle in the past 18 months since incorporating these into my diet. I take one with every meal or if I feel a little anything coming on Ill take 2-3 per meal and I never end up getting sick. Costs about 15 bucks for a bottle of 90 but worth every penny in my own opinion.

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    I’m into year 29 of being in the class room…I don’t get sick often. Probably immune to MOST stuff. However…Just before Christmas One of the teachers I co-teach with came to school two days in a row just sick as a dog…nasty hack and goo sort of thing. Something she obviously picked up outside of the school since it wasn’t going around…BANG! 6 days later I had it, then my wife got it. Luckily it cleared up just before the Disney races.
    I sort of follow the same routine as SueR when I do get a bit scratchy.
    Bottom line…If you are sick..STAY HOME!

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    I’ve been teaching for nine years, and I just don’t get sick anymore. Like it was mentioned previously, your immune system will build its tolerance over the years. Once you have the antibodies and memory B cells from that “cold”, you will never get that same version again. I don’t know if it is just coincidence or not, but three years ago I started going to a chiropractor and since then no illness?? Might just be mental, but they claim it helps the immune system as well.

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    I’m in my 4th year of teaching HS, and yeah, I still get sick a lot. I stayed home half of yesterday and all of today with a stomach bug (or food poisoning, I’m not sure which). In December, I caught 2 colds within 2 weeks.

    It slammed my training this week, but I was getting a bit of knee pain from bicycle training, so maybe it’s been a good time to take a few days off. And hey, the stomach bug is going to help me lose a few pounds!

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    I’ve been a mental health counselor for six years working with children. The first winter I got sick…then two weeks later…sick again…then two weeks after that…sick again! I guess that built up my resistance, because I get sick maybe twice a year now (knock on wood). Plus, I spray down my kids with Lysol upon entering my room.

    OK, seriously, I DO spray down the room when each kid leaves, and I use hand sanitizer like a mad woman! I teach them to use *tissues* to blow and wipe their noses. I am alse a huge fan of Cold-eeze, Airborn or other natural Zinc tabs…I swear they work like a charm!

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