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    What song motivates you to kick some ass on race day?

    Battle without Honor or Humanity – (Kill Bill Theme Song) – by Tomoyasu Hotei does it for me every time. I love it with the dialog between Uma and Lucy Lui. “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, Did you?” “You know for a moment there, I kind of did” is clipped in the middle.

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    “I like to move it, move it!”

    [just watched Madagascar with my son]

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    Hahah I love the Madagascar song! I also get inspired by Dori singing “just keep swimmin’!”

    I don’t have a race day song or anything like that. Just haven’t ever uses music that way.

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    Animals by Nickle Back. My wife will sing the “what was that” and “OMG that’s my dad outside the car!” when it get’s to that part. Get’s me through the tough parts of the race when I think about that.


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    “The Melting Point of Wax” by Thrice (check my sig).

    It’s kind of based on the story of Icarus, and it talks about how you shouldn’t care about the melting point of wax, and you should go defy everybody else’s limits that they’ve set for you and stuff. It’s so freaking good.

    Just for a taste, here are a few lines from the song (which is awesomely hard and good)

    I’ve waited for this moment all my life and more,
    and now I see so clearly what I could not see before.
    The time is now or never, and this chance won’t come again.
    Throw caution and myself into the wind.

    There’s no promise of safety with these secondhand wings,
    but I’m willing to find out what impossible means.

    Man, honestly, I urge all of you to go download it right now. Or at least listen to the 30-second demo. Here are the full lyrics.

    Now, I have to go listen to that song. I’m getting pumped up just singing it to myself in my head.

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    Depends on the race. If it’s going to be a long day and I want a song to stick with me, I’ll listen to some classic rock, Led Zeppelin, the Stones, or AC/DC.

    If it’s going to be a fast race and I want to get pumped up for the pain and effort, I’ll put on some good Chicago punk rock, Naked Raygun or the Jesus Lizard.

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    A lot of eminem songs get me pumped especially Lose Yourself.
    “You only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”

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    Well, I rarely “kick ass” on race day….that is unless I count my own.
    Jimi (If you have to ask…well, shame on you.) Live stuff.
    Ten Years After (live only)

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    “Right Now” by Van Halen

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    Easy on Yourself by Drive By Truckers (Jason Isbell)

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    “Critical Acclaim” by Avenged Sevenfold is typically the last song I’ll hear before a race. “A Favor, House Atlantic” by Coheed and Cambria also gets me pumped 100%.

    Sometimes before a race I actually need to calm down, so I’ll do some deep breathing meditation and listen to Nickel Creek, a folk/bluegrass group.

    By the way Chunky, Trice is awesome, good pick.

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    “Here to Stay” by Korn

    April 2003, middle of the night, just south of Baghdad. We were about to roll into the city after a long trip from Kuwait and I had this CD in. It gets me jacked up every time I hear it, instantly takes me back to that night and gets the adrenaline flowing. Now if I could only kick some ass on race day.

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    For me I need to calm down before the race so I listen to The Format. But for motivation anyone looking for motivation I would say Requiem or Beethoven by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

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    “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi…

    I wasn’t a fan of this song when it was originally released, but now it is a staple for motivation for workouts or races. Lyrics like “Better stand tall when they’re calling you out – Don’t bend, don’t break, baby, don’t back down ” just seem to work for me …

    … I just want to live while I’m alive

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    Eagles of Death Metal: “I Want You so Hard” from Death By Sexy.

    Always gets me feeling hot in my wetsuit. Or perhaps it’s the chest panels on the 2008 Zoots that make me feel like Batman.

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