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    Folks –

    I’m considering building an Iphone application for triathletes (myself included) but wanted to do a pulse check with you all to see if you think there is a need. So a few questions, please:

    1) do you see a need, if so, what would you like the app to do? i have a problem with recording my workouts and tracking my progress. perhaps an app for this?
    2) if you already use an Iphone app, do you like it ? what does it do?
    3) is this a lame idea?

    Thanks. I know I can count on you guys for honest feedback!


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    1) I’d love an app that I could as for a training log. I use the TriFuel log now and love it, but if I could replicate that with an iPhone app I’d migrate. Maybe something where you can locate training partners. Take Google Latitude, create a training profile with training pace and see who you can connect with. Think meetup.com + Latitude + mapmyrun.com.
    2) A training-related iPhone app? Not anymore. The GPS-based ‘map my run’- and ‘map my ride’-type apps suck compared to a full-function GPS, so I see no need for another GPS-based tri app.

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    +1 to the training log. Even better if you got Tribro to let you integrate it with the training log on Trifuel.

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    Thanks for the input TriSooner and zagfan. Engaging Tribro isn’t a bad idea either.

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    I don’t know much about building the apps for the iphone, but PM me if you need anything to try and hook it into current users logs.

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    Thanks Tribro. We are in the early stages still. I will get you involved as things progress, assuming we move in this direction.

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    I don’t yet have an iphone, but have been thinking about it and this would help me make the decision! It would be cool to see a training log that you could input planned workouts for certain days that you take from your training plan and it would “remind” you of your workout(s) for the day. Then you can record when you did it, how you did, etc. Also maybe incorporate a meal log so you could track nutrition as well. Let us know when you get it out! Great idea and thanks for your work!

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    I’d totally use one. They come with an i-phone right, or do I need to have one of those first? ;)

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    I love me some data, so I use a GPS/HRM to track most of my workouts. Having converted to the mac a few years ago, I found that the quality of the software provided for the mac by the vendor of the GPS/HRM wasn’t keeping up with their windows offering. I sprung for the software package “Ascent” by Montebello software, and I’ve really enjoyed using it to log my workouts. They recently released an iPhone app that syncs with the desktop client, as well as letting you enter your own workouts. It’s like carrying your log book with you, although it still needs to do a few more things to make it truly satisfying. You may want to check it out to see what it does.

    +1 on TriSooner’s #2. Battery life and GPS sensitivity on the iPhone aren’t as good as a dedicated GPS.

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    so you would have to carry that thing while you run? I don’t even like having my nano strapped to my arm and wouldnt want to worry about my $300+ phone getting wet/sweaty

    No iphone and no plans to get one….I am too cheap to pay for the data service and if I did it would be a blackberry.

    I personally just don’t get the intrigue. I would rather have my laptop with a keyboard I can use and a screen I can read. I don’t need to carry all that info around with me all the time.

    That said good luck with doing that!!!!! I know there are tons of other non “dark ages” people who would use it :)

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    I have an iPhone and love it overall. The best APP would be a training log app, combined with pace calculators etc. GPS stuff is not practical in my eyes…I don’t carry my iPhone on runs etc. I do use the training log here on Trifuel and love it…you could sell the app for $.99 and most triathletes would be interested. I would buy it. I found a app called LOSE IT. Although i don’t have to lose weight really, it allows you to track weight, but also what food you eat…and the best thing is that the they have a database of foods so when you put in APPLE, it will give you options and then gives you all of the related nutritional info incluind calories etc. I digress, but the point is a TRI APP could do similar things in terms of training goals and logs of activity.

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    Excellent idea. Just do us a favor and give it a cool icon logo…

    I currently use a tri calculator – just to see what times I should be shooting for in particular races. It’s an approximation obviously, but I think it’s worthwhile.

    I see a need for the following market (i.e. me) – a guy who uses the iPhone for pretty much everything and doesn’t keep a written journal/log. I have very structured workouts, but don’t keep track of hard progress (I’m not a pro or shooting for Kona at the moment so it’s fine with me.) With that said, it would be neat to be able to put workouts very easily into an iPhone app and have statistics calculated and shown on a graph tracking progress. I stress very easily, since many iPhone apps are horrible at this…what is advertised to be an intuitive program is very much a hassle and it’s easier to just write stuff down on paper. But I don’t want to write stuff on paper, I want to easily put it in my phone and have the phone calculate stuff.

    If I were creating this program, this is what I would want. A 4 tier program: broken into swim, bike, run, and weightlifting categories. Simple text boxes would allow you to input your workout data from a HR monitor or Garmin computer – i.e. avg HR, max, min, workout type (i.e. 10k run, 5k run, whatever), and workout length (in time). Obviously for running it would have pace, for biking it would have speed, for swimming speed/100m etc. The program would then keep track of those workouts and show (somehow – and that’s your job to figure out I presume) a graph trend indicating fitness and workout progression – i.e. running/biking/swimming fitness, peaking, volume, etc. You may not be an exercise physiologist, but that kind of analysis would be very helpful.

    That’s my opinion, feel free to add onto it. Perhaps also a metabolic calculator input in the “personal stats” category recommending caloric intake based on the custom calculations of training volume and caloric expenditure. I know my HR monitor tracks calories when I bike/run so allowing that to be put into the app would be useful.

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    One more thing…most apps on the Apple store in the fitness category are pointless, and I mean completely and utterly useless. They do not do a thing, period. If you’re going to make it and put in the time, you may as well really make it a winner. One quick example of a current “fitness app” – you can input all the data you want into this app thinking the app is going to do something with the data, but alas, the info sits there and isn’t used for one single calculation. It’s as if the creators though the mere writing of the information in your phone would inspire some kind of fitness revolution. What a piece of garbage.

    Please, if you make an app, make it have a tangible use. If we input data, make sure the app can process and evaluate that data seriously…not just calculate averages that you can do in your head like these other programs.

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    I have an iPhone and I have a smeartlink. I was hoping that because I do run with my iPhone that the smeartlink would work like a Garmin 305 and allow me to record pace and heartrate over a GPS course. Alas the smeartlink rarely works and it was a wasted $125+. The GPS is so-so and the battery life on the iPhone is worth maybe a 4 hr.training excercise if you have to hit the GPS satellites.

    I say give me something that allows me to enter in my swim workouts, running workouts and then dumps them to my TrainingPeaks software so that I can have all of the info in one place. I used to use the app on here for a log but got away from it because of the data manipulation from my Garmin on the bike. Now i use a spreadsheet for the swims and runs and the aforementioned I can see each cadence and each hill and heartrate app. Get it all synced up and you have something.

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    I actually was thinking of doing one solely to work with this training log to make my life easier. And to give me an excuse to learn Objective C / Cocoa.

    Integrating it with the training log wouldn’t be hard, IMO, because of the already present email feautre. I’ve been thinking about this, and a fillable form of some sort that plugged the answers into the correct fields in the email, coupled with the Mail app and new system wide copy/paste system would work wonderfully.

    Just a thought.

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