Hip Flexor Soreness – Overtraining? Or Paying Dues?

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    For the past few weeks my right hip flexor has been, well irritated.
    It’s not always uncomfortable, or sore. It’s not usually sore when I’m cycling or running. It’s not always sore after running…… I don’t get it.

    I rode 60 mi rides twice in the past week and it was never sore during the rides. I’ve ran 20mi this week (some in a race) and it’s only been sore tonight during the last 1-1.5 mi of a 5 mi loop.

    I’ve been trying to stretch it out while I’m still warm after a run or ride.
    It just seems tight and….weak? I’m not sure if thats the right word, as my times and power feels up, but when I lift my right leg to do something simple like put on pants. It feels, I dunno……sore..or tired. something anyway.

    Is this normal? I mean I know I haven’t always had it feel this way, but is it just building up from all the running and biking I’m doing? Or am I possibly allowing irritation to turn into soreness by not taking a day or so off.

    It’s not to the point where I’d call it painfull. And it doesnt’ seem to be getting worse. It’s just sticking with me. Any Ideas?

    Let me add, I’m not a long time distance runner. I’ve only been running fulltime about 8 months.

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    I had the same issue a while back and my Dr. diagnosed my problem as a hydration issue..I wasn’t hydrating enough which was causing inflammation in the bursal sacs? or whatever they are that cushion the joints and it manifested as pain that I took as a hip flexor issue…I focused on hydration and it did go away in about a week…don’t know if that is your issue, but this helped me.

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    I had something like this happen (and asked on the forums here) a few months back when I had a combo of the following:

    – increased volume of run
    – increased cadence of run
    – and I was DRIVING a much longer distance to work at that time than usual.

    Freaked me right the hell out too. Even caused a noticeable limp in my walk. So my coach suggested to ice it. Yep ice. So I got one of those cryo packs and after every run just formed it into my hip area until the ice pack went warm. And that helped tremendously. Since then absolutely ZERO complaints from it. Now my hamstrings..they have been having something to say recently. And I say: “Shut the hell up!, here’s some ice, now get back to work!”.


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    Ice like a mad man, and if you are interested check out a chiropractor. Personally, I have a similar issue. After a few days of serious training my hip starts acting up. My pelvis tends to tilt a bit when I work hard for a few days, this puts added pressure on my “hip flexor” muscles. After my chiro snaps me back into shape I’m ready to go again.

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    J.Michael wrote:
    I’ve ran 20mi this week . . . I’m not a long time distance runner. I’ve only been running fulltime about 8 months.

    Symptoms of long runs. At least for me it is. No real damage.

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    +1 Hydration. My wife had some very similar symptoms, and she noticed a difference right away when she increased her H2O.

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    hammerin hop

    +1 for ice and resting now, rather than “powering through it”.

    I had a brief stint in distance running last year.. went from typical jogging/weights to distance running and never stretched enough.. ended up developing a sports hernia, which is basically microtears in the groin muscle due to overuse/inflexibility/misalignment of my pelvic bone. It was too late before I even realized it was happening

    Not saying this is related to what you’ve got going on, but I had similar issues in that area. Part of it’s also due to muscle imbalance/over compensation.

    In 6 months I went from running 12 miles at a time to 3 months of 0 activity, and then starting to run 3 minutes at a time. I’m finally back to normal (about a year total) but I’ve learned always to stretch and listen to my body – and to try multisport training, instead of just running!

    Not trying to scare you or play doctor. I only know what happened to me, and I’d hate to see it happen to anyone else. Just take care of yourself!

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