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    This weekend I was going to go out and get all of the last min things I need for a tri. I think that is pretty much most of it. I have the bike and helmet and my running shoes and my goggles for the swim. I am still not sure about what I am going to wear though. I was going to see about what else I need. If anyone has things that you just have to have would you let me know. Thanks!

    Avatar of Tribro

    There’s a pre race section in the articles area:

    Some good stuff in there as well as a gear checklist of most of the possible things you should consider:

    Avatar of trimenow

    Thanks. I had looked at that stuff already. I was just wondering if anything might be missing. Or if anyone had something different that they did or didn’t need. Like should I get a race belt?

    Avatar of walchka

    Personally I like using a racing belt. That way you wont have to worry about factoring your number into what you end up wearing. It’s quick and easy to grab your racing belt and put it on as you are heading out of T2.

    Avatar of qb ant
    qb ant

    I like using a race belt as well. I swim in my sports bra, then put on a tank for the bike. Then, sometimes on the run, I take off the tank. The race belt lets me have these options without having to worry about my number.

    Hope this helps – good luck – Ant

    Avatar of beads1985

    As previously posted the race belt is a great accessory.

    I have mine on even under my wetsuit. Saves a little bit of time in transition.

    I started doing that after one race where it was very windy and it blew my race belt and bib off my helmet in transition. I was in a rush and was on the bike and down the road about 100 meters when somebody pointed out my number was missing.

    I had to go back and get it.

    Avatar of trimenow

    Anyother things other then a race belt that are different?

    Avatar of beads1985


    I would take the list tribro linked to and make your own.

    Break it down something like he did.

    Pre Race, Swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run, Post Race, Misc,..etc

    Then you can print up a few and have tyour own packing list.

    I also take a tupperware container I can fit both my feet in.

    I set it up in transition near my towel.

    I put some water in it and use it to rinse my feet after the run from the swim to transition.

    Take a look around in transition and see how other people are set up.

    I got a lot of ideas from seeing how other more experienced triathletes set up.

    You can add to your own packing list as you see fit.

    Good Luck!!

    Avatar of bluebirdbiker

    Hey I found this. You can make your own list and print it off:



    Avatar of trimenow

    Thanks BBB! All of the things helped me. I think that was the best though. I am going to use that one for sure though. Going to the store in a few to get some stuff. Thank you all again.

    Avatar of beads1985

    Another small thing,

    Customize your list to the race.

    If your race is in saltwater bring an extra bike bottle of fresh water.

    I use it to quickly rinse of my face and hands, and more if possible.

    Not all races have fresh water available to rinse off.

    I find when the salt water dries it makes you sticky and crusty.

    Not a big deal, but just my .02

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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