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    Tri Fanatic

    I am in the market for a new frame woohoo! Only problem is a feel like a kid in a candy store….A really expensive candy store and I can only buy one peice of candy. I currently am on a cervelo dual. I am lookng at possibly upgrading to the cervelo P2C. For that price point though, there are other bikes that I am interested in, such as the Felt B2.

    Does anyone have experience with any frames around the 1500-2000 dollar price range? I am also keeping my eye out on ebay for used frames (size 54) and am considering all manufacturers. Give me all your input on the bike you ride. I want a Carbon fiber frame since I am trying to get into more of only doing half and iron distances and I need that extra comfort and I am leaning towards Cervelo (they have the most design related information on the webpage and I like that being an engineer myself).

    Also, would it be better for me to get a set of race wheels instead of a new frame? I figure the vibration reduction from a carbon frame would save me (fatigure wise) some energy for the run, plus be more aerodynamic, plus I would ride my frame all the time, not just during races (as I would with race wheels). Give me input please!

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    Get measured. Find out what frames actually fit you. They all are different. Then choose from there.

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    I can’t comment on the B2, but I just bought a Felt B12 in December and love it (I posted a review on this site). I did test ride a P2C and while I liked it, there just seemed to be something I liked a little better about the B12 (something intangible). Both were comfortable, though I only test rode the P2C for a short time.

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    Second on the fit…each manufacturer size has different top tube lengths, seat tube angles etc.
    A 55cm from one brand may be the equivalent of a 51cm from another brand.

    My advice, based on experience…find a good local bike shop, talk with them and buy from them if you can. Next, set your price range. Finally make the purchase.

    I hate to sound like an “advertiser” but here it comes. XLab Avenger TT. Frame runs about $1800, complete bike with a dura ace mix is about $3K. I have it, and it is great. I have not ridden some of the bigger names, but I feel they all have similar ride qualities if they fit you right.

    Good luck, and have fun with your purchase.

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    I love the way Cervelos feel, although I’m not on one of their tri bikes right now. They are also designed very well — I luckily got to spend a couple days hearing them give talks and show the windtunnel and such. I left very impressed (I’m not an engineer, but did go to a math/engineering undergrad school so took a couple classes).

    As for what to buy… I have to say right now I’d say look at a powermeter if you don’t have one (from what I know the Dual is a pretty good bike). Man that feels like jumping on a bandwagon, but at least I know the wagon is going somewhere I want to be!

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    Tri Fanatic

    Hmm good point about the power meter, but that will wait until this season is over. My season has already begun and I don’t know how to train with a power meter and heard that it takes a while before you can actually get used to training with them and finally see results. Plus I have grown some in the past year and need a bigger sized frame.

    When I have the dual in the slacker seat tube angle (68 I think) it fits better than the steeper angle (the 71 I think). I liked the steeper angle better though and the 54cm in the 71 degree angle is only 5mm off from the 51 in the 68 degree angle. Plus, I am looking for the carbon frame to help give me less fatigue on the longer races.

    Then, I can have some time to look into training with a power meter. Read a good book or two on it, and pick one up.

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    I’d say go FELT B2, i am getting mine end of this month and can’t wait, everyone and their mother rides cervelo, be different! Other than my personal opinion, like everyone says, test ride before you buy. You will love carbon fiber and never go back after it.

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    I would get fit first. If I were going to choose between them though, I’d get the P2C but the B2 is a nice bike as well. If the Dual is newer, I’d probably get wheels instead.

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    Definitely go get your measurements taken and fitted from a bike shop you trust!

    And, there is a reason why there are so many Cervelo’s on the road and at races ;)

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    ryanweeg wrote:
    And, there is a reason why there are so many Cervelo’s on the road and at races ;)

    Yeah, because they’re sexy.

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    Hey, Chris… Banning’s Bikes in Fullerton has a couple of different Felt frames, and a couple of Look frames as well. I know that they are trying to get rid of a lot of their Tri stuff, so you could maybe get a pretty good deal.

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    Tri Fanatic

    Hey Scott, I decided to just bank the money….Sort of. I just ordered some Newton Running shoes to try them out. Then I think I have decided to get the power meter, but not until the end of the season. I can gain so much more from working on the engine rather than trying to buy fancy gear that might only save me a couple minutes but cost me a couple Gs

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