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    My name is Ryan and Im 22, married, and a student at Arkansas state university. I decided to do a tri. about a week ago, lol, my wife has been making me run with her every night so I figured I’m running anyways might as well call it training. lol. There is one near my home in july and it’ll be my first. It’s a 1/3m swim, 13m bike, and 3m run. I’m a bit worried about the short run, A lot of track guys around here. being my first and i dont imagine I’ll be a competitor; do i need a tri bike or would a mountain bike be ok? That may be a dumb question but id rather not buy a $1000 bike, just yet anyways. Has anyone ever seen someone ride a mountain bike in a tri? Thanks Ryan aka onevette77

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    No worries…my first tri was on a mountain bike. Especially at sprint races (what you describe) there will be a fair amount of mountain bikes. No need to worry about “competing” in your first tri either…just have fun with it!

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    TIM G

    Yup, exactly. Just have fun…the rest will fall into place.

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    I did my first race on a mountain bike as well. It was half road and have fire road and it was about the same distance. If it’s on the road maybe look into getting slicks (road style tires for the mountain bike – much smoother and faster than knobbies). But don’t throw down the cash on a new bike until you get hooked – which may be the day after the race :) But at least you’ll get a sense for the sport and decide how dedicated (translated – cas you want to throw down on a new bike) you want to become. I didn’t get a new bike until half way into my second year.

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    I was also on a mountain bike for my first tri. Now that I have a road bike I have nothing but respect for those on mountain bikes because I know it’s a little more difficult.

    It won’t bother you until roadies start passing you on the hills! Ha!
    Don’t stress over it and think to yourself “see you on the run fellas”.

    Sounds like your typical sprint distance so have fun! Have a great race.

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    Soooo, 4 years later……

    I never did that tri sprint. But I did get into cycling, then out of college, out of time, and then out of cycling. Been sitting at a desk for 2.5 of the 4 years since my last post, and have gained “a little weight”. I recently sold my Allez to a friend who wants to get into tris. Well, after talking to him quit a bit about his plans for his first race(it was killing me that I never went through with one).
    I immediately called my bro who sells bikes……
    today I brought home a cervelo P2-SL!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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