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Trilosopher wrote:
struggling, mediocre, 15-hour finisher

Puh-lease. Saying this is like saying the last guy on the list of billionaires is struggling. :) Don’t sell yourself short. In my experience (first of three IMs was ’04), no one has ever asked me how long it took to finish the IM after they realize the distance. Awesome job because all the training plus a finish requires a Herculean effort.

Trilosopher wrote:
It’s been mentioned that you don’t hear them say your name and call you an ironman. It’s true. The finish was somewhat less emotionally climactic than I had always imagined. But I was a broken man by this point, and I doubt my mind and body were fully able to properly process and situation and react to it.

I’ve said that :) And the finish is anticlimactic because, as you noted, you are hollow, both physically and mentally.