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First and foremost, you have to get a bike that fits. And it seems clear that the P3 just doesn’t fit you appropriately. The P3 is an even lower/longer bike than the P2. And that you have 4 spacers on the P2 suggests that even that bike is too low and long for you. Obviously, you need to go with a bike that is taller and narrower — i.e. something in the opposite direction of what the P3 is.

Of course, the LBS wants you to ride a P3 out of their inventory before the P5s come in. But it’s not the right bike for you. The 17-degree happy stem is just silly. On top of looking like a goof and compromising your aerodynamics, it would also compromise handling. Don’t do it. That bike doesn’t fit you. Have the good folks of Outspokin provide you with a list of bikes with stack/reach geometry that fits your body and riding position. The P3 ain’t it. Good luck.

Completely agree.

To the OP: You can also check out the stack & reach database yourself on slowtwitch for bikes that might be a better fit than the P2. Also, I might go a bit conservative on bike choice and not buy one where my stem is completely slammed with no spacers at all. Fit is a dynamic thing, and if your flexibility improves it might be possible that you could go lower than you currently are (may not be true in every case.) If you get a bike that has no spacers at all, you have no ability to adjust.