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jkahan wrote:
rotational weight is a huge factor

No, it’s not.

Rotational weight matters no more than static, unless you’re riding in a crit and need to spin up from 20 to 40 mph coming out of the final corner. And even then the rotational weight only matters if your wheels are build with wet noodles. If they’re stiff, and deeper rims tend to be more so since the spokes are shorter, any power you put into the pedal will translate into forward motion. For climbing or rolling along on the flats, 3/4 pound is 3/4 pound, regardless of whether it’s in your wheels, your bottles, your aerobars (think 900g 3T ventus vs. Easton Attacks at 400g + 150 g stem), or around your waist. On the flats, aero is king. And on most climbs, it still matters more. And on the ones it doesn’t? Are you carrying 2 bottles? Toss one. It’ll save you more weight than sticking with your 404/808 set over the faster 1080′s.