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djcannon, can you link the training plan, so I can see it? Are the days set up by the training plan, or your schedule?
How much time can you devote to training on:

Your training time should dictate the schedule, not the other way around. Could you do something like:
Tuesday: Bike (key workout), Run (easy)
Wednesday: Swim (key workout) Bike (easy)
Thursday: Bike (easy) Run (Key workout)
Friday: Do something easy, bike, run, or swim
Saturday: LONG bike, easy run
Sunday: easy bike, LONG run

I can give you examples of what key workouts look like, if this is what you are looking for. If you schedule has constraints on certain days you can move things around, you just don’t want to do a key bike workout the day before a key run workout, make sure a easy day is in between. Swimming hard doesn’t count as a “leg” day, so you can throw it in between the two You can also switch the Saturday/Sunday thing. There are two camps of thought on the long bike the day before the long run, some like it the other way, you’ve got to do what keeps you healthy and consistent.
You may say that you have 10 hrs a week to train, and you are going to train for 10 hours for 16 weeks. You just don’t want to do the same effort level within that weekly time allotment. So lets say after 4 weeks of easy biking on Tuesdays, you will now increase intensity for the rest of the 8 weeks. So for week 5 it might be: 45 minutes moderate, 5 minutes hard
week 6 would be: 40 minutes moderate, 10 minutes hard
week 7 would be : 35 minutes moderate 15 minutes hard
week 8 would be 50 minutes moderate (recovery week)
Something like that, this was a basic example, but I just wanted to prove the point that you don’t redline out of the gate. Right before you taper, you should be pretty fried from the training, you just don’t want to be fried 3 weeks in.
You want to stress different systems over time, and not just stressing the same system the same way for the whole training period.
It also sound like you are struggling with how to measure effort, and ultimately how effort translates into paces/speed. Do you have any recent 5K run race results? Do you have a HR monitor? Have you ever used a perceived effort scale (1-10). I could line up your paces to the scale, or to HR, if I could get a 5K time, and your run training volume from last week. Just let me know.

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