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Road Trip - over the Rockies to Banff

Libor (Bluebirdbiker) and I are headed to Banff Saturday. He's riding up from the coast to meet me in Kelowna and is going all the way to Red Deer I'm just going Banff and back. Anyway, it involves some serious climbing, not so steep but looooong. The road goes up for 75 kms from Revelstoke to the summit of Roger's Pass, Then there is Field Hill, which is 6kms of 6%. And our bikes will be loaded - 50lbs or more! For me, it will be 5 days of 7 hours in the saddle - or more, and a bivouac at the top of the pass on the way back, in my little tent. My longest ride since IMC last August has been a 3.5 hour ride 2 weeks ago. So I'm gonna suffer a bit.

follow us on fb https://www.facebook.com/geoff.w.white or https://www.facebook.com/libor.michalak Lee may post stuff from his Crackberry, but I will be off the grid. I'll write it up when I get back.


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Sounds like a cool adventure.

Sounds like a cool adventure. Looking forward to reading about it.

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Happy trails, PoC. Looking

Happy trails, PoC. Looking fwd to tracking your progress - no matter how much suffering!


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Can't wait to hear about this

Can't wait to hear about this. PrinceofClydes, didn't you do the Golden Triangle last year?

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