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Too much weight loss?

After several triathlons at the shorter distances and a successful (for me) HIM under my belt, I decided to do a full IM. I'm using the 36-week (ouch!) training program on this site and decided that I'd also start looking more closely at my nutrition. In the past, I had the "train hard, eat whatever you want" mindset and it worked fine, but I thought with all this work I'm putting in, I should probably also consider my nutrition as an important part of my training.

I started using the website "My Fitness Pal" to track my calories burned and caloric intake. You can customize it to track your % of carbs, fat, and protein. After a bit of research, I settled on 60% carbs, 25% fat, and 15% protein.

Anyway, I'm just a smidge under 6 feet and usually weigh somewhere between 180 to 185 pounds. After a 12-week or 18-week training program I end up closer to 175 pounds.

Well, here I am in week 15 of 36 and I'm about 158 pounds - losing about 1.5 pounds a week for the last 15 weeks. I'm still considered "normal" when I look at a BMI calculator (21.4 BMI), my energy level seems fine, and I just won my age group at a sprint tri last weekend.

For those of you who have made this jump from HIM and shorter distances to full IM, have you experienced a similar thing? Do you think my weight will stabilize at some point? Should I be eating more? I'd love to get a bit of feedback.

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In my experience, your

In my experience, your weight will probably stabilize. I am probably close to the lowest I can get realistically, and it is impossible for me to eat a deficit of calories, enough to cause weight loss. For example if I haven't consumed enough calories during the day, I get really hungry at night and I eat enough to make up for it. I think it is called the "compensation effect." If I were a pro, I would have to be on a strict diet to get down to the "race weight" that the pros achieve.

If you are really worried about losing too much weight, I would consider getting a DEXA scan done to find out exactly how much body fat vs. lean muscle mass you have on you. It will take out all the guesswork.

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I trainined 6 months for an

I trainined 6 months for an ironman and dropped about 5kg. I'm about 5 11" (I think) and I now consistenly weight in at 64-65-kg or about 143lbs. Towards the end of a recent hard 4 week training block I was hitting about 62-63kg sometimes.

Although I regularly weight myself (as it's another tool for monitoring and assesment etc) I try not to worry to much about it and focus more on energy levels and body fat %. I eat very healthy but don't use sports drinks, recovery products etc or limit consumption or count calories etc.

As long as you still have the energy and power in your workouts then take it as a positive that your losing body fat and not muscle.

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That's may be too much too

That's may be too much too fast. Your probably around 10-13 hours a week right. What's gonna happen when you top out at 18-20 hours? Work on getting it under control now instead of dealing with it at week 34 when you crash.

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