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Questions on the 36 Week Ironman training program

I am looking for some feedback on the 36 week Ironman training program that is available via link to this site. I am doing IM LP next July, this will be my first IM. I have done a couple half IMs and a bunch of sprints and olys. Is this program good for a first timer? Any feedback on the program would be helpful.


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welcome to Trifuel bobbyl!

welcome to Trifuel bobbyl! I've use the program for 2 years and it worked well. It's not the greatest plan, but it will prepare you for your 1st IM so your not walking the entire marathon. The majority consensus of us here feel that the plan works well, but that there are not enough long bikes in the plan. Most of us have took the time alloted for the swim on the weekend and added that time to the long bike.

Hope this helps!

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For some reason the link is

For some reason the link is not working

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Thanks for the comments

Thanks for the comments jarhead!

Here is another link to the program. This one should work.


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+1 to jarhead. I used that

+1 to jarhead.
I used that plan to prepare for my first IM and when I was at the start I knew I was ready. I think this plan will give you the confidence that you will be able to go the distance, how hard and how fast is up to you.


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