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wrist buoy for weak swimmers

About 30 years ago (giving my age away here!) there was a product on the market that will sell like hot cake today, but I am unable to find it.
A non-wetsuit swim can be quite scary and outright dangerous to a beginner swimmer. We used to strap a small device around one wrist that could be used as an emergency buoy to save your life, should you get very tired, dislocate a shoulder, get a heart attack, or simply get swam over from behind and start panicking. By twisting a small lever you blow up a buoy by means of a CO2 bomb (used by cyclists). Of course once you have done that you are automatically disqualified from that race, but at least you live to do the next race.
Where can I get one of those? If not available, who wants to make a quick small fortune by selling those to beginner open water swimmers??

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I'm guessing they would not

I'm guessing they would not be allowed in a race. What if someone grabbed your arm and accidentally blew it up in their face?

However, in a non-race situation, my open water group has used these:


It's an inflatable dry bag that you tow behind you. These are great for a number of reasons: It's a safety device, it makes you much more visible to boats or rescuers when you're swimming in open water, and it operates as a dry bag so you can bring your keys, camera, etc. along. We used these in our recent 6.4 mile swim across Crater Lake in Oregon. You can see them in some of the photos here:


Here's a shorter link that should work if the long one doesn't: http://bit.ly/nFshMf

You don't really notice it at all when you're towing it. The only exception would be if you had strong wind/chop.

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I have a solid plastic

I have a solid plastic safety lifeguard can and that works for me ;-)

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Here is a product that you

Here is a product that you wear around your waist that is similar to your wrist product. They say it's legal as long as it doesn't inflate but I would check with the race director to be sure.

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Just saw this. Not exactly

Just saw this. Not exactly on topic. I realize we were talking about non-wetsuit swims. But this was interesting.

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Thanx folks! Appreciated

Thanx folks!

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