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70.3 discounts

For those of you whom are like me and already looking forward to 2012 just wanted to let people know until tomorrow Ironman is offering discounts on all 3 northeast 70.3 races for 2012.

Mooseman- $199
Providence- $199

After this they go up to $260 and then top out at $275. Even what few local Halfs we have in the area charge $200 so this is a pretty good deal.

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yep. I'm going to do one of

yep. I'm going to do one of the combo packs. Probably Oly Moose. Half Timberman.
I like the fact they brought relays back to these races. (I know I'm in the minority here).
I would have been alright with them not having relay for the 70.3s.
It will be nice having a few more people on the course for the Mooseman Oly next year, it was kind of sparse back in June.

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Anyone that wants to travel

Anyone that wants to travel to Ohio, HFP racing offers 3 different Halfs for $100

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