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Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

I'll keep this short and sweet.

Weather as of Saturday said rain... possible hail... thunderstorms for race time on Sunday. In actuality it was a great day for racing, no rain.

Swim: The swim was very difficult. I've done the swim several times before, the current today was incredibly strong and dragged many a triathlete way off course. The water on the other hand was great, not a lot of chop, light rollers and a perfect temperature (for me) of around 54, 55. Had a terrible exit out of the water, really blew it there, ended up with a modest 31:22 swim.

T1: Up the cement stairs into the 'semi transition' area to grab the shoes and make the 1/2 mile run to the actual area. That was fun. Finding your white bag in a sea of white bags is bloody impossible. After searching for what seemed like an eternity, finally found the bag and tossed on the shoes and took off for the transition. Got in and grabbed the bike. Shoes were clipped in already which was good as the ground was still pretty soft from the rains the day before. Time: 7:34.

Bike: Anyone who hasn't been to San Francisco before might not get this... but the course is almost 100% hills. Only flat part is in the park.. in other words... typical San Francisco course. A lot of people on the course that were having problems with the sharp turns and steep hills. A few pileups occurred. I had a pretty good bike though, managed to stay out of trouble. Time: 59:52.

T2: Nothing much to speak of. Had my running shoes in a bag so they weren't soaked when I put them on. Of course ended up not being necessary and just wasted time.. then I ran the wrong way trying to find the exit.. which I hadn't bothered to find before the race. My own stupid fault. Not exactly a blazing T2 of 2:15.

Run: Back to the hills.... and the trails... and the mud... and the beach. Done the course a bunch of times so nothing was a huge surprise here. A lot of uphill... stairs... the beach running is always a pain in the ass, and of course, the infamous and always brutal sand ladder. Run time 1:04:16, with 2:50 being on the sand ladder.

Overall time of 2:45:16.

Was a great race day.. was awesome to watch Potts kill it out there. I passed the mile 1 water stop as he was passing the same one coming in, glanced down at my watch and saw 1:54:something. He took it with a 1:59:something. Damn that guy is fast.

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Sounds like a difficult bike

Sounds like a difficult bike section. Nicely done. Great race. Sounds very cool.

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Great job! Alcatraz is one

Great job!
Alcatraz is one of my favorite sport experiences I have had. Did it in '08. It is pure awesomeness. I started seeing the pros in about the same spot you did. It was cool to be able to yell and cheer for thdm while "racing" myself. It was my first time in San Fran and totally enjoyed the course. So radically different.

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I have really wanted to do

I have really wanted to do this race... but those water temps!

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maggiemeans wrote:I have

[quote=maggiemeans]I have really wanted to do this race... but those water temps![/quote]
This Florida boy did it. Full suit, neoprene cap, ear plugs, and neoprene booties! The first 50- 100 yards sucked. After that, it was great!

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