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IMKY - PR (of course it was my first :-))

Over-all, I was very pleased that I stuck to my race plan to a T and it really paid off. I tried to keep any goals in check and make sure I was feeling good to leave it for the run.... ended up beating my secret goal by 30 minutes and considering the heat it turned out to put me in even better shape from a place persoective. I wanted to be in the top 50% and made it into the top 20% with a 12:31.

Woke up at 4am and had my ritual breakfast of oatmeal and eggs. I headed to the swim at 5am and it was already really humid. After making sure my bike was set, I walked the 1.5 miles to the swim start. It was a long line, but I was expecting it. When you finally get to the docks it moves so fast you have no time to think. 6 people in the water every 2 seconds.

Swim was great, kept a nice comfortable pace and had no real tangles with anyone. Made sure I was only fast enough that I could hold form and breath very steady. 1:13 on the swim. Goal was 1:20

T1 - I decided to change into my Castelli bibs. I trained in them all summer and figured I better not mess with it. I just crossed my fingers that I would not need to go #2. T1 was about 6 minutes.

Bike - Beautiful course. Between the flats, adrenaline and tailwind I was flying in the beginning of the bike. I made sure to keep it very easy for the first 3rd and really kept it easy on the climbs. I did push on the down hills and flats for the free speed. The heat jumped up at about mile 65 for me, but I was getting plenty of water at each aid station and having trained in 100+ in NC this summer, I really never felt too hot. We had a bit of a headwind on the return to town so I was a little slower on that section than planned but ended up around 6:03 on the bike ... Goal was 6:30.

T2 - Decided to change again and put on new shorts, shirt and socks. I opted for running shorts instead of tri shorts. Also had to use the bathroom so T2 was 7:20.

Run -- Felt really good in the beginning of the run. My plan was to run around 9:00 to 9:30s with a power walk at each aid station. Was on track until about mile 5 when my stomach came undone. It got so upset I had to walk from mile 8 to about mile 9 1/2. Once I started on the cola and soup, my stomach really settled down and I was able to get back to my run between aid stations plan. I was a little slower now at 10:00 per mile between, but it was good. My legs were really never that bad, it was just my stomach. The aid stations were great, good people, cold sponges and anything you needed.... Run 4:56 (goal was 4:30).

Finish -- This is the best part about IMKY (though I have no point of comparison). When you hit the shoot you feel like a rock star!!! Music, crowds, everything. I tried to slow down and space my self with a few other finishers to hear those great words. Unfortunately, all I got was my name with 3 other names and then you are an Ironman.... oh well, still great!

I loved it!!! Wish my stomach would have held together or maybe I could have been a little tougher and kept running, but I totally beat my expectations and place in the field...

Time to rest and eat!!!!

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Congrats! You are an

Congrats! You are an Ironman! ;-)

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Great job, top 20% is

Great job, top 20% is awesome!

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Good to see the NC

Good to see the NC trifuelers knocking out an IronMan. Good result buddy.

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I was there and admire your

I was there and admire your perserverance. Tough day for all. I was watching the Pros faulter at the turn on the run and they do this for a living.

Congrats on a great race and perseverance in the heat and humidity.

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SWEET! What a nice PR !!

SWEET! What a nice PR !!

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Great job!

Great job!

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Great job! My buddy dropped

Great job! My buddy dropped out at 3 miles in and had to take in 3 IV's.

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Nice job managing you and

Nice job managing you and the conditions! Congrats!

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Congratulations. I also

Congratulations. I also thought the bike course was beautiful. The energy at the race was amazing, and I found it unlike any of the footraces or other triathlons I've done. I didn't meet my goal time, but I finished, and am wanting more.

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Congratulations! The magic

Congratulations! The magic of cola and soup. It would make many of us sick on a normal run but is a lifesaver at Ironman. Nice RR.

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Way ta go!

Way ta go!

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Never tunrs out like ya want

Never tunrs out like ya want it to does it? Nice job man!

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Great work. From everything

Great work. From everything I've read about the weather and the water station debacle, just fininshing is a bigger accomplishment than it usually is. Finishing in 12:30 is awesome.

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Congrats! it was certainly

Congrats! it was certainly a brutal day out there...these IM things are no joke, I guess :)

At some point I'll get around to writing my RR as well.

Enjoy the recovery

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congratulations! I would be

congratulations! I would be VERY proud with a time like that

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nice RR congrats on a great

nice RR
congrats on a great day!

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