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SCUBA and Ironman Training

My wife and I won a trip to Cancun that leaves next week and we are planning to do some Scuba diving over in Cozumel. I will be 5 weeks out from Louisville and have a long run planned for while we're there. I am going to do the long ride for that week Monday when we return and then I'll be headed into my taper.

My long run is 2.5 hours. Does anyone know whether there are issues with scuba and endurance training? The no fly thing is based on Nitrogen build-up, but not sure what effect that has on running/training. The other scuba issue is dehydration from breathing so much dry air, but I can easily stay on top of that before and after.

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I'm not a doctor or

I'm not a doctor or anything, but i've never heard of any restrictions like that. I know I am normally tired after a dive, but it never affectedmy training. Used to dive regularly for wok. A few hors of shallow water bottom time in the morning, gym at lunch, and run or ride after work

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I've tried the training &

I've tried the training & diving thing. I didn't notice any long term difference. In the short term, however, I did notice that I would feel wiped out from morning diving if I tried to work out in the afternoon.

I do not know if there's any increased risk of DCI beyond the normal risks of diving, but I would skip all dives the day of my long run if for no other reason than to improve the quality of the workout.

On the other side of the story, here is an article about an intriguing study correlating high intensity interval workouts 24 hours before diving with a decreased risk of DCS: [url]http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/news/20040312/exercise-before-scub...

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THANKS! the plan would be

THANKS! the plan would be Diving on Thursday and FRiday morning and run on Saturday. I agree, a littel wiped out the day of...

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I dove for years whenever I

I dove for years whenever I traveled and kept my training schedule as normal (except I usually didn't bring my bike with me), but I would get up early and do a morning run before heading out on the dive boat for the day. Didn't notice any issues.

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