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How big of a breakfast do you eat daily?

This is my first year training for Ironman and the volume is really notching up as is the calorie burn. I am pretty happy with where I am from a weight perspective and want to maintain. I am finding I spend more time "replacing" versus fueling up. I typically try to spread out the meals, but seem to be ending up playing catch-up at dinner and even evening snack times. For a 3500+ calorie day, I am eating 5 to 6 times a day with a ~600 calorie breakfast and maybe 300 to 400 snack in the mid morning, etc.... I end up sometimes needing +1500 for dinner and evening... Does anyone eact huge breakfasts and then tapers their food towards the end of the day???

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How are your workouts

How are your workouts scheduled in the day?

I think it depends when you work out. In spring/sumer, I usually work out at lunch and at night (occasionally in the morning). So, my morning breakfast is maybe 400 calories. My hardest work outs are evening group rides (1-2 hrs) in which I burn about 800 calories an hour. Therefore, I eat pretty well after those (1000 cals). This winter, I was doing a 530a cycling (not spinning) class then would run after. I would come home from those and make three giant pancakes and eat three eggs. Since my workouts were long completed by dinner, I wasn't eating as much then.

You can always think of "replacing" as not only helping to fuel your muscle recovery, but also as fuel for the next day's workouts.

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I tend to eat about 450-500

I tend to eat about 450-500 calories for breakfast on most days when I'm working out. I'm shooting for about 2600-3000 calories in general, and I definitely eat more in the morning-lunch than in the late afternoon, in effect tapering food before my workouts.

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as much as I can get my

as much as I can get my hands on before I run off to the library or lectures. If I can't carry it while I walk I don't eat it. :( sad but true.

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For me it depends on what

For me it depends on what kind of training day it is. If its just a single work out day (only one of those a week) I choke down about 400 cals. Usually in the form of PB, raisins, 1/2 bananna, wrapped in a wheat tortilla. If its a double work-out day I push breakfast up to 800 cals, By adding a smoothie with protein powder. Total Cal intake is about 2,500 right now as I am still tryiing to cut. My dinners are my lightest meals about 600 cals and 400 cals for lunch. The rest are filled with snacks during the day and a carb snack 30 minutes before a training session. On the weekends, anything goes! There just aren't enough cals that I can shovel down my throat to make up for what was burned on Sat. and Sun (assuming that I put in about 6-8 hrs).

Plan has worked so far. I have gone from 230lbs to 199.5 lbs as of last Friday. Goal is to be at 180-185 lbs by Sept, by loosing 1lb a week. That will put me at goal weight by early Aug. That way I can pick up the cals and intensity and start felling strong again by the time my IM comes around at the end of Sept. If all goes well I will have to email the RD and change from Clydesdale to 35-39 AG. That part will be bitter sweet. Racing the big boy div. I have podiumed every race including a couple 1st place finished at big events. Racing the AG, all I can hope for is the back of the FOP, depending on how much faster my run times drop with the lower weight.

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Just a bowl of oatmeal but

Just a bowl of oatmeal but that is followed up only a few hours later with a PB&J. I should probably eat a lot more earlier in the day as I really pile on the calories just before bed - not good. The good news is that my weight is pretty stable. - Bryce

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I am experimenting with more

I am experimenting with more front loading and taking more of an average across days. I have dropped weight recently as volume has increased and for me, that is not the goal. I am 5'9", 40 years old and weigh about 143 ... when I started training heavy for IM in Feb I was at around 149. I have not done any body fat analysis, but think I'm in a good place. I have been eating around 3500 a day and still feel hungry and as I said, find myself cramming at the end of the day....

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I am a huge believer of a

I am a huge believer of a huge breakfast after first session of trainning of the day...
Recovery shake (natural, no powders) + omelettes, or breakfast burritos, pancakes, and such...I just can't leave my house without a full stomack and my body replenished.
My thing is to keep all those tasty breakfast recepes healthy. As the evening aproaches, I tend to eat less, and less...

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Depends on what you call

Depends on what you call breakfast. If that's everything I consume before my lunch break, then it's a lot.

During the week I get up between 4:00 and 4:30 and make an egg sandwich with 2 pieces of bread, american cheese, 1 egg + 2 egg whites. (350 cal). Then I either drive then run, or bike then drive to work. Either way, I eat a banana (130) and drink an Ensure (250) on the drive. Before lunch I'll eat either yogurt plus a small granola bar, 2 packs of instant oatmeal, powerbar/clif bar, or a bagel. Any of the choices add up to 300+ cal.

Total = 1000+ cals before lunch break. However, my height and weight classifies me as overweight with a BMI of 25+, so I might not be the best example.

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TryScott change out the bars

TryScott change out the bars and oatmeal and bagels for fruit, it will make a huge diff to your weight.

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