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training advice for next 2 weeks between first OLY of season and sprint race

i just completed my first OLY of the season. i felt pretty good, but had some soreness on monday and tuesday. but i wanted to get everyone's feedback on what i should focus on for the next 2 weeks or so until my next sprint race on May 2nd. i was planning on treating this week as a recovery week and then to focus on a mix of recovery and speed until race day. let me know your thoughts and any specific workouts that you might do.

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For me, I guess that really

For me, I guess that really all depends on how your training is going and what other races you have planned in the weeks/ months ahead. If it were me, I would probably take 2-3 days off (perceiving that I raced my ass off and PR'd), then hit volume workouts the rest of the week and my usual long ride/ run on the weekend. Then ramp it back up next week and just take 1-2 days off prior to the sprint depending on how intense my workouts were that week.

This would be my plan as I have other races including a HIM and IM in the comming months. If I didn't have any other bigger races comming up I probably would tend to ease back into it rather than go full throttle.

Probably doesn't answer your question completely, but I think its safe to say that more info is needed.

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High intensity, low volume.

High intensity, low volume. If you prepared properly, you should be at a Peak and no amount of training is going to make yous faster for your sprint anyway. Lots of shorter, faster intervals and bricks. The days you're not doing that, focus on form during recovery sessions.

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thanks for the feedback.

thanks for the feedback. this is helpful.

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