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the body is the vehicle for the mind

The mind is the aspect most triathletes over look. Most of us are full speed ahead from the time we get up to the time we lay down to sleep. Seldom do we stop to just soak it all in.
I have found in my 12 years in triathlon that my most successful races were preceeded by ALOT of downtime, not just physical down time but mental downtime. Triathlon is such a unique sport were one can improve tremendously over the course of time. The body rebuilds during times of rest not just physical but mental rest as well. Mental imagery and quite reflection can help slow the mind and body down before a big race.

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A lot of athletes, primarily

A lot of athletes, primarily triathletes, are all-go 100% of the time. And sometimes we have to be. This sport....hobby, religion, lifestyle, whatever you wanna call it, is set up so that we have to juggle family, school, work, and everything else, while continuously busting your ass day in and day out. We're engineered to do as such, but I agree, relaxation is....well, relaxing. Down time helps clear the cluttered mind.

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LOL! Downtime what the hell

LOL! Downtime what the hell is that and when can i have some???

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I get all the downtime I

I get all the downtime I need when I down a six-pack of my frothy gold recovery drinks.


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Downtime is right now,

Downtime is right now, silent reading for my class while I update my training log and reflect on yesterday. I agree and always try in the summer for the week before my major races to chill out and use the "how does this action/decision affect your race" mantra that someone I forget came up with...Tinley? I don't think it was him...That being said, being a teacher, racing tends to be more relaxing than the training season, which is nice.

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Don't let your ironmind get

Don't let your ironmind get rusty with all that downtime!

heh. kidding.

With typical iconoclasm, I find the R/B/S activity both stimulating and relaxing.

I love the rhythm of all 3 disciplines because it gives me time to just revel in just thinking.

I have moments of Zen once I've achieved dynamic equilibrium, taking in enough oxygen to metabolize fuel stored in my body and transporting lactic acid away from the muscles, deep, even breathing on the swim, steady state aerobic running (jogging in my case) and portions of the bike ride where I can stay in one zone for minutes at a time give me great peace.

I love a Spring ride through the orchards or cruising the bench road in Oliver heading south on the HIM course, the 10k into Cawston after the rollers on the IMC course, esp. with a tailwind, or the Salmon River Valley in the N. Okanagan, flat but curvy, nice variety of scenery, no stress at all..

Uh, what was the question again?


"What you you get when you suffer? You get results!" - Paul Sherwin

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lala2021 wrote:LOL! Downtime

[quote=lala2021]LOL! Downtime what the hell is that and when can i have some???[/quote]

+1 Training is what I do to clear my mind. If I had downtime I think that I'd go bat sh*t crazy.

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thanx for the responses LOL!

thanx for the responses LOL!

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