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A bit of justice in the battle of cars vs. bikes

After passing two cyclists, then slamming his brakes on in front of them, the infamous [url=http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2010/01/cyclist-sentenced.html]"road rage doctor"[/url] was sentenced yesterday to 5 years in prison.

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A doctor for god's sake. So

A doctor for god's sake. So much for his hippocratic oath. What a jerk. I hope he lost his medical liscence too.

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I'd hate to see the results

I'd hate to see the results of a poll showing how many drivers consider Motorcycles, Bicycles and/or Pedestrians an annoyance or obstacle that shouldn't exist on the roads.

I wish that story would be a headline on CNN's website. I think seeing 5 years would send a message to others like this guy. Maybe...

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Good! The guy got what he

Good! The guy got what he deserved, now I hope he actually serves at least a couple years of his sentence. The guy's only sorry about the cyclist being injured because he got caught and punished. When he gets out, I don't see him being the guy that waves at bikes.

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He is going to be taught

He is going to be taught what its like to be the small guy on the road in prison.

All I can say having been almost sideswiped too many times is good riddens.

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I wish that we had your

I wish that we had your justice system over here in the UK, here you can kill a cyclist try to hide the evidence and only get two years and with the british justice system he will probably only serve a max of 18 months


Last year a work colleague was killed racing a time trail by a girl on her mobile phone and its still yet to come to court she will probably get a suspended sentence, a fine and points on her license.

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I have seen a number of

I have seen a number of articles on this and I hope this is also a reminder to us cycleists. Apparently the 2 who were attacked, were going downhill close to the centre line of the road. and when the doctor yelled at them to probably get off the road, they yelled back. I have no idea how much of this is fact, but I can see that there was more to this story.

Cars are big, we are little, and there are crazy people who need very little to set them off. We need to excercise common sence and not do things to aggrivate drivers like blocking the road or slowing traffic.

I hope that this Doctor spends his time in jail, and I think revoking his drivers licence and make him have to walk or ride a bike to get places would be an ironic punishment. Just my $.02.

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That BBC story is fu€¥ed

That BBC story is fu€¥ed up whether you ride or not. Two years is completely outrageous, certainly not justice. I think we've got a long way to go.

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Triguy98 wrote: The guy's

[quote=Triguy98] The guy's only sorry about the cyclist being injured because he got caught and punished. [/quote]

Agree... hope he whimpers behind bars before eventually reflecting on his high degree of unresolved anger.

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These incidents are really

These incidents are really scary. This weekend, I was biking near the curb on a fairly empty road, when, unprevoked, a car behind me honked and passed dangerously close to me. I didn't react, and nothing else happened, but it made me scared initially and then angry. Unfortunately, fear is causing me to cycle more and more on the computrainer.


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