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Massachusetts State Triathlon RR

This was my second tri and my first Olympic(ish) distance race. The advice/dialogue on this site has been so helpful to me thus far. You all are the best!!!Thanks to everyone who reads this!

I am planning to do another Olympic ( A race) in about 4 weeks in preparation for Kansas 70.3 next June. That said, my focus was on proper bike pacing (to ensure a decent run leg) and race day nutrition.

Pre Race: I woke up at 4:30am, had a bowl of cereal (per usual), and hit the road by 5:15. Sipped some water/Gatorade, and ate a Powerbar while driving. My stomach was pretty jittery on the way-probably just nerves! Arrived at the Race site by 6:30, checked in, and set up my transition spot. Once everything was in order, I walked through the various transition entrances/exits to familiarize myself. Did a quick run warm up/a little swimming, and some stretching. Had one gel and some water 15 min prior to my wave.
Swim (Finished 211th/258)-35:50 (2:23/100M)
I am relatively new to swimming-prior to a year ago going to the pool involved "adult beverages" and raft with cup holders-so I had done a lot of technique work to get this far! That said, I totally freaked out when I first saw the swim course. It was a single loop course, so easy enough to follow, but it seemed so long! I'd done a 1 mile TT or two in the pool before, but it looks completely different when it is spread out in front of you! Once we were in the water I tried to think about long, smooth, easy strokes, and that kept me focused. I did a decent amount of Zig-Zagging (need to work on sighting, and OWS generally),but am relatively happy with the time.

Bike (Finished 221st/258- 1:14:47 ( 3:34/Mile or 16.8mph)
The course consisted of 2 loops of a 10/11 mile course. Between miles 4 and 5 there was a climb @ ~3%. My climbs in training weren't nearly this long (course changed from last year's, which I didn't realize until the week of), so I spent most of the climb in the small chain ring. There is nothing like looking down at the speedo(meter) to see 8 mph! Basically, I see lots of hill/interval work in my future! My splits for both loops were even,though, so pacing was good. Nutrition was also as planned: 2 gels (1 @ mile 5 and another at mile 12), and 48 Oz of Gatorade/Water ( one bottle 1/2 of each; one bottle 3/4 Gatorade/1/4 water).

T2: 1:57 (not sure why this took so long...maybe I took a 57 sec power nap?)

Run (Finished 216th/258)-1:05:27 (10:33/mile)
I struggled with a strained peroneal tendon (new-b cleat adjustment error) in the first 3 or 4 weeks of my training, so wasn't where I wanted to be on the run. The last few weeks of training were very solid, so I was able to get in a few 50-60min runs,but still not where I wanted to be on race day. Oh well, you win some and lose some. Miles 1 and 2 were unusually tough (normally the bike/run transition isn't too bad for me), but I was able to pick up the pace for miles 3-6 (9/10 min splits) and negative split the run. Nutrition: Walked each aide station (every mile) for water/gatorade. Gel @ mile 2.

Final Results- 2:59:47 total; OA: 214/258; AG: 13/13
Thanks for reading!!!!

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Bird wrote: I struggled with

[quote=Bird] I struggled with a strained peroneal tendon [quote]

Been there! Not fun! Great job finishing and great report!

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Squeaked in under 3hrs!

Squeaked in under 3hrs!

Great work, can't wait till I get to write my first RR.

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great job getting under 3 in

great job getting under 3 in your first oly!

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Well Done - I didn't get in

Well Done - I didn't get in under 3 hours until my second race! Maybe I need to learn to get out of the transitions as quick as you do - I am like a 2:55 - 4:00 transitioner as I sit on my bum, tie my shoes, then have a pee break ;-)

Great work and glad to see you're already ready to do your second one.

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Great job! Sounds like you

Great job! Sounds like you had a great plan and you really enjoyed yourself!

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